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Jan 19

gibbons goldtop

UPDATE February 11, 2014: The Billy F Gibbons Goldtop is a reality!  When we first previewed the thoroughly bad ass Billy Gibbons Pinstriped Goldtop Les Paul prototype at NAMM over two years ago (see below), we were told it might become production someday.  Well, we’ve been praying to the good reverend ever since, and that someday is now!  Aged and VOS versions are coming to The Zoo as we type this.  Want to put one in your collection?  Contact our sales team right now at sales@themusiczoo.com.

Gibson’s press release:

Gibson Custom is excited to announce the Sales release of the Billy Gibbons Les Paul Goldtop, a legend’s take on a legendary guitar. We worked closely with Billy over the course of several years to bring to life this exceptionally beautiful, lightweight and incredible sounding guitar. From the hand painted pin-stripe on each one (designed by Billy Gibbons and applied one-at-a-time by pin striping master Rick Harris and an in-house artist trained by him), to the unique wear pattern that includes a Texas-shaped belt-buckle wear mark on the back of the aged version, this is a visually amazing guitar. Its chambered mahogany body makes it ultra-lightweight and a joy to hold and play. The chambering also compliments a front and rear set of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups. Because Billy’s personal choice between front or rear pickup is “both”, you’ll notice there’s no Rhythm/Treble switch at the upper bout. Its neck-profile is a replica of Billy’s own Goldtop.

Here’s the first official Gibson press photo of the aged version:

gibbons goldtop


And here’s how we found the prototype at NAMM 2012:

billy gibbons

At NAMM 2012 we saw up close in person what fans have so far only been lucky enough to see on stage – this amazing heavily aged Gibson Custom Shop Goldtop belonging to Billy Gibbons.  Not only did Billy do the pinstriping himself, he even did all the aging by hand.   We have to say, he absolutely killed it.    Billy’s hot rodding roots are clearly the inspiration for the retro detailing.  The three knob setup is volume/volume/master tone and the body is chambered.  Look at the belt buckle rash on the back – it’s Texas!  We wouldn’t be surprised if Billy was bad ass enough that all his belt buckle rash on every guitar he plays took that shape.

The best news?  Gibson is planning to produce this guitar.  We’re happy to hear that this masterpiece from the master of mojo will multiply.

billy gibbons

billy gibbons

billy gibbons

16 Responses to “Billy Gibbon’s Pinstriped Les Paul Goldtop”

  1. Larry says:

    Ummm . . . how do you switch between the pickups?

  2. Gene says:

    I’m a strat guy but I really want this….

  3. EVANS MC BRIDE says:

    Pickup switch? Self-install a push-push potentiometer, of course. Maybe wire ’em out-of-phase. Killer. Gotta have one.

  4. Kirk James says:

    As a guitarist and pinstriper myself, he did a killer job.

  5. Joe says:

    “how do you switch between the pickups?”

    You turn one of the volumes off….

  6. Josh says:

    Maybe the pickup switch is the 3rd knob. Like the PRS guitars with there 5 way knob switches.

  7. John says:

    “Like the PRS guitars…”??? A PRS has *nothing* in common with this guitar.

  8. Caulin says:

    @Larry … the controls are volume/volume/tone … it has a volume for each pickup so to switch pickups you just turn one down and the other up … i guess billy just prefers a mix of both pickups when he plays though

  9. Jack says:

    I’d agree with Joe, two volumes and a tone. Adjust volumes to blend in pick-ups as if you were in the neutral on a toggle switch. That’s my guess.

  10. Kellytb says:

    It is Billy’s Open E tuned guitar that he plays slide with. He obviously doesnt need a pickup selector for it, he blends them as he desires.

  11. Steve says:

    Come on guys, real men don’t mess with switching pickups – it’s all or nothing!

  12. Simon says:

    @John – I think you missed the point there slightly, Josh wasn’t inferring that it’s reminiscent of a PRS as a design, more that PRS used to use a 5-way rotary switch for pickup selection so perhaps Gibson have used a similar idea here.

    Personally, the best LP tones are in the middle position anyway when you can play with the balance of neck against bridge so this is a great setup for that style of playing/use. :)

  13. Joep says:

    When is it coming out and what is it gonna cost??

  14. Jan says:

    Looks awesome! Should be for sale…

  15. Lespaulverizer says:

    PRS are only copies of One or another gibson anyway with slight variations The Les paul DC made Paul Reed Smith relevant

  16. Paul says:

    Billy does not use a pickup selector switch because he NEVER plays the neck pickup. Even the guitars he plays that have one, it has been disconnected.

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