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Jan 24

NAMM 2012  In this interview from the Charvel booth at NAMM 2012 in Anaheim, our own Tim Reynolds talks to Jackson/Charvel Masterbuilder Red Dave about a batch of stupendous Charvel guitars that have been built for The Music Zoo.  These one-off guitars feature some amazingly figured maple that was sourced from some very old logs discovered in a lake.  Back in the 1950s, a furniture maker decided the wood was too wild looking and threw the logs off a cliff  into the water where they sat for decades.  Combined with some very special “cooked maple” flamed and birdseye necks, these Charvels are some of the coolest we have ever seen.  Check out the pictures below, and if you want to put your name on one or get more info, let us know.

charvel one off

charvel one off

charvel one off

charvel one off



charvel one off

4 Responses to “Video: Red Dave And Killer Old Wood Charvels”

  1. John-Michael Kaye says:

    Bodies to die for in the pics – just wonderful. Yeah, I’ve got one of those old necks on one of my “Strats” – supposedly supplied to Charvel (when they were building guitars in San Dimas, CA) by Boogie Bodies of Palyup, WA. The curly maple it’s made out of, the custom “V” shaped neck & 1 3/4″ width at the top was made to my then specifications. My guitar also has a floating Floyd Rose tremolo, as well…

  2. guitarboy84 says:

    i love them

  3. reclaimed hardwood floors says:

    Building with old wood is also a positive in that it is very stable, won’t twist bend warp like new material. Also the older boards were larger sizes and thicker than what you can get now. Think of the old wide pine floor planks, you just can’t get those now a days.

  4. Maple on Maple? That has to be one of the worst combo’s unless you like your tone thin, Kramer made that mistake with the Baretta’s, the wood is amazing though. The story sounds like the ones Billy Gibbons told of his guitar strings being made from ’57 Chevy bumbers. Show us some pictures of the old furniture builder or the logs in the lake, nice story but don’t pull the wool over our eyes.
    Charvel has always made great stuff, they were the only necks that had a true 12″ radius that was dead on for a Floyd, I miss Wayne and wish they would bring him back in to the Charvel tent.

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