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Feb 09


Ever wish you had x-ray vision?  We do.  It could prove useful, if we every found ourselves on Let’s Make A Deal, or got to meet Scarlett Johansson.  Sometimes you just need to see what’s inside something to really understand it, and that’s why Gretsch just sent us over these x-rays taken of one of the brand new Center Block Series guitars they unveiled this January in Anaheim.  Why add mass inside the guitar?  Let’s allow Gretsch to explain:

The center block runs the entire length of the body and imparts several sonic advantages. First, it minimizes body-resonant feedback and allows a more “high gain-friendly” performance. Second, it’s made of spruce, which produces a spirited, lively tone. Third, the center block itself is chambered at the lower bout to minimize weight. Fourth, the pinned wood bridge base extends over the sides of the center block about 5/8” on either side, transferring string-vibration energy to the two f-hole-vented body chambers to produce a rich and full-bodied tone.

There you have it.  More fun than x-rays at the dentist, still less fun than ScarJo.


One Response to “X-Ray Vision: Inside The New Center Block Gretsch Guitars”

  1. Joe Gentile says:

    I understand that Chet Atkins asked Gretsch to do this either in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s.
    Then they had a falling out and Chet went to Gibson, along with his Country Gentleman trademark.
    Gibson gave him everything he wanted…….thinner body, center block, flatter/wider fingerboard, and humbuckers.

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