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Oct 08

Tom Petty Kingman Main 2

The Fender Acoustic Custom Shop is very proud to introduce the limited edition Tom Petty Kingman dreadnought, beautifully crafted with the famed singer/songwriter’s personal style and specs and bearing his signature on the back of the headstock and on the soundhole label. With the Heartbreakers, the Traveling Wilburys, on his own and more, Petty has crafted hit after smartly infectious hit for five decades now, and the Tom Petty Kingman is a great-looking, rich-sounding tribute to one of rock’s most enduringly acclaimed figures. Have a look below for all of the special features as well as the full spec-list for this guitar. For info on ordering, feel free to contact our sales staff! While your here, check out our inventory of Fender Custom Shop Guitars on our site!



The Tom Petty Kingman guitar’s AA Sitka spruce top resonates delightfully

alongside warm, balanced genuine mahogany back and sides.



Petty tweaked his Fishman® VT-2 pickup/preamp system with the addition

of two top-mounted control knobs, a feature typically seen on ’60s-style acoustic guitars.



For retro-style resonance and a natural feel, the Tom Petty Kingman

comes lacquered with a thin nitrocellulose finish.



A ’62 Stratocaster headstock adorns a classic “C” shaped

neck, glossed with a “Midas gold” finish.



Petty gave his namesake instrument a true seal of approval, with a genuine

signature inside the soundbox alongside a handwritten serial number.


Body Material: Solid AA Sitka Spruce Top with Genuine Mahogany Back and Sides
Body Finish: Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Body Shape: Dreadnought
Bracing: Forward Shifted Scalloped X
Rosette: Checkerboard
Body Binding: Ivoroid
Body Back: Solid Mahogany
Body Sides: Solid Mahogany
Body Top: Solid AA Sitka Spruce
Purfling: Black/White/Black
Neck Material: 1-Piece Maple
Neck Finish: Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Neck Shape: “C” Shape
Scale Length: 25.625″ (650.8 mm)
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Fingerboard Radius: 10″ (254 mm)
Number of Frets: 20
Fret Size: Vintage-Style
String Nut: Bone
Nut Width: 1.7″ (43.2 mm)
Position Inlays: Vintage Clay Dot
Oct 07


It takes two to make a thing go right, and that’s exactly how it’s been with Taylor Guitars and The Music Zoo. In honor of this amazing partnership, we’ll be having an anniversary celebration to celebrate our milestone birthdays: Taylor has recently turned 40 years old and we’ve been in business for 20 strong years. Both of us have been exemplary in creating guitars and getting them into the hands of guitarists.

So, what better way to celebrate this landmark than to spend a beautiful fall afternoon here at The Music Zoo playing some wonderful Taylor guitars and learning about what’s makes these instruments so magnificent. Zane Carney, guitarist with John Mayer, will be here to perform and demonstrate some Taylors. Meanwhile, you can strum and try out a huge assortment of Taylors, from the wonderfully portable Baby Taylor to the top-end models such as the 900 series and Spring/Fall Limiteds that use exotic and renewable woods and gorgeously ornate abalone inlays to create a visual and sonic feast. Factory representative Nate Shivers will be on hand to discuss the intricacies of tonewoods and answer all your questions about the Taylor line, even helping to find the perfect instrument that will suit your needs!  There will also be some custom models for you to try. These guitars will be available for purchase as well. Some factory close-out models will be available, too.


Lastly, there will be some great guitar giveaways and, if you bring this postcard (you must print it out), you’ll receive a free TaylorWear gift. The afternoon promises to be a wonderful Anniversary celebration: Two great companies, in partnership, that have provided people with that wonderful thing we know as the guitar!

Sep 08

Taylor special edition models

Taylor is kicking off September with some new and interesting models set to be available in very limited quantities. The first of this group of special editions is a walnut/spruce Grand Concert 12-Fret featuring AA walnut. this guitar will feature a Sitka spruce top, figured maple binding, backstrip and heel cap, maple rosette, short-scale (24 7/8-inch) neck, and Taylor Expression System® 2 pickup. The second is a T5z Pro that sports a unique two-tone quilted maple top with a custom color and edgeburst. Further specs are listed below. For more information on how you can get your hands on one of these limited guitars, be sure to contact our sales staff. These guitars will start shipping later this month. Feel free to check out our current stock of Taylor guitars here!


Taylor-custom-GC-TF-walnut-_fr-2014Special Edition Walnut GC 12-Fret Specs:

AA walnut back, sides and backstrap

Sitka spruce top

Figured maple binding

Backstrip and heel cap

Maple rosette

Former 900 Series (2010) maple fretboard inlays

Short-scale (24 7/8-inch) neck

Gotoh Gold tuners

Walnut truss rod cover

Gloss-finish body and neck

Taylor Expression System® 2 pickup

Taylor deluxe hardshell case.



Taylor-T5z-Pro-QM-fr-2014Special Edition T5z Pro Specs:

Sapele hollowbody

Two-tone quilted maple top (a blend of blond sapwood with slightly darker heartwood)

Custom color with edgeburst

Spires fretboard inlay

Gold hardware

T5 electronics

T5z deluxe hardshell case.









Aug 25

All Cole Clark guitars have a unique feel and tone to them that sets them apart from other acoustic brands. Constructed with integral neck joints, the neck runs straight through to the soundhole, providing you with a depth of rich and balanced tone from the instrument. We were fortunate enough to have acoustic virtuoso, and Cole Clark endorsee, Maneli Jamal stop by to give a rundown on a few of these great guitars. We captured some cool video of him demoing the FL-1, FL-2, FL-3, and AN2, along with an explanation of what makes these guitars so special. You can check out Maneli demoing all of our Cole Clarks by clicking on the links of the Cole Clark guitars we have in stock!


Aug 05

USA Today Taylor Article

USA Today put out an article on their site today about Taylor Guitars, who are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year.  We were honored (and a little surprised) when USA Today recently called The Music Zoo for some input from owner Tommy Colletti.  But, seeing is that Taylor is one of our best industry friends, we were more than happy to offer some input for the column.  In addition there is a nicely produced video, have a look at it here and be sure to read down the page.  We’re looking forward to another 40 years of great Taylor Acoustic Guitars!  Be sure to have a look at our current inventory right here, we stock the entire line-up of this awesome brand.

Aug 01

If any guitar manufacturer can attest to building a great guitar that retails for an affordable price, it’s Godin and its Seagull brand of acoustics. Seriously, try Seagull’s flagship model, the S6; you’ll hear a big, very audible instrument that projects while plenty of lows and crisp top-end pour forth effortlessly. Many guitars from other manufacturers in the S6’s price range can sound like a cigar box with strings, the result of using dull sounding, lesser-quality wood with poorly executed bracing and construction.

Among Seagull’s claims to fame is its manufacturing. Godin is a Canadian company based in Quebec. All of its products are hand-built there using, for the most part, locally sourced  tonewoods with other components made in-house. For Seagull and Godin, these tonewoods are often Canadian-grown wild cherrywood for their instrument’s body and Canadian spruce or cedar for the tops. One anomaly to this formula is an S6 Koa edition that’s exclusive to The Music Zoo. This guitar is constructed with a laminated Hawaiian koa back and sides with a mahogany top. The net result is tone that is warm, with plenty of upper-midrange presence and a bright, crisp top-end. According to Seagull, some of the brightness will mellow as the guitar is played. We also noted excellent detail and clarity when playing chords and solo lines in the upper frets.

It should be noted that a guitar for less than a grand and using koa for its back and sides is quite a rare thing. Koa may grow on trees, yet it doesn’t just grow on trees; in other words, it’s rare, exclusive to the Hawaiian islands, and not readily available. At least, there aren’t a lot of koa trees that are large enough and straight enough to be used for guitar-making purposes due to dwindling supply. Moreover, it all comes from one particular tree farm on Hawaii’s big island. Think about that the next time you play a koa guitar.  Have a look at the Koa S6 guitars currently available right here.

Seagull (1 of 12)

Seagull (2 of 12)

Seagull (3 of 12)

Seagull (4 of 12)

Seagull (5 of 12)

Seagull (6 of 12)

Seagull (7 of 12)

Seagull (8 of 12)

Seagull (9 of 12)

Seagull (10 of 12)

Seagull (11 of 12)

Seagull (12 of 12)


Jun 30

Taylor Expression Main Image 2

Mention the word “Piezo” to guitarists and they’ll likely think about the brittle, harsh, quacky, artificial, sound typical of under-the-saddle Piezo transducers that have been very associated with virtually all brands. Really, it wasn’t any guitar brand’s fault,  just the technology at the time. One well-regarded finger-style guitarist, Adrian Legg, actually sculpted his sound playing Ovations with their under-the-saddle Piezos with digital delay to great, umm… effect. But Adrian Legg was an exception; popular consensus generally indicates that most guitarists don’t like the under-the-saddle sound for good reason: it doesn’t capture the natural tone of an acoustic guitar.

Taylor is one particular guitar builder taking a leading role in developing on-board electronics to compliment their fine-sounding acoustic guitars. For such an endeavor, eliminating the harsh Piezo sound and capturing the natural voice of the instrument is priority. The company’s efforts have paid off with its proprietary Expression System 2 electronics. The ES2 still uses Piezo technology. However, whereas the unfavorable Piezo tones were generated using the aforementioned “under-the-saddle” type of transducers, the ES2 uses three individual transducers behind the bridge. This approach eliminates the harsh tones that came not so much from the Piezo technology but from putting the pickups under the guitar’s saddle (it was believed that the saddle moved up and down as the strings vibrated, and most efficiently created the output energy needed for transduction). Taylor debunked that theory, and realized that placing the Piezo sensors behind the bridge yielded less treble and more natural acoustic tone.

The ES2 uses a preamp with a gain structure that makes the system 25-percent “hotter” than the original ES system, which is still used in Taylor’s 400 lines and lower and can be custom ordered on guitars that come stock with the ES2. Its circuitry features controls over volume, treble, and bass. There’s also a phase reversal switch that helps cancel out common low-frequency feedback “woof.” In summation, we love the ES2 system and believe it’s a guitar advancement toward achieving truly an amplified guitar tone that’s convincing and natural from within the guitar…no easy feat, but Taylor’s done it.  Check out our deep selection of Taylor Acoustic Guitars with this amazing ES2 system right here and enjoy this video from Taylor about the new design:

Expression System 1

Expression System 2


Mar 17


The Music Zoo is proud to announce we are an Authorized Dealer for Cole Clark Guitars!  This Australian company is known for building stronger, lighter-weight guitars with a naturally amplified sound.  Currently endorsed by an impressive roster of artists including Jack Johnson, Johnny Marr and Ben Harper, these guitars feature both traditional and Australian tone woods, a patented pickup system, and a unique integral neck joint making them ideal for studio and live performance.  They even offer a couple variations on the Lap Steel which are popping up on stages all-around the world.  The exude tone, quality and reliability!  Check out our current inventory here and be sure to contact our sales team for more information on model availability!

Jan 28


A gorgeous new burst is now available from Taylor on select 600 Series and Maple Custom guitars called “Brushfire”.  It’s a 3-step process and adds $1,500 retail to the build, but if you want one of the most stunning looking new Taylors on the block it’s a great choice.  We can’t wait to see it in person.  Want to order one?  Contact sales@themusiczoo.com today.

Jan 27

Tucked away inside the Larrivee factory in Oxnard, California is a small workshop that is the home of Frank Falbo’s namesake new acoustic guitars.  We visited Frank for a demonstration of these instruments and came away with resolve that we had to have them at The Music Zoo.  Frank understands not just how to build an acoustic guitar, but exactly how an acoustic guitar makes sound, and he’s incorporated some very unique and modern features into these instruments that really do make a difference.  Watch the video to learn all about it, and then check out the Falbo guitars we have in stock right now!

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