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Jun 25


We’re very excited to see the Mid-Year Limited Editions from Fender Custom Shop, and are even more excited to get them in our hands and plugged in! Among them are a few cool relic’d Strats and Teles, along with some slick guitars with unique features. Each Custom Shop Limited Edition instrument is only available for a short time, which makes it eminently collectible and adds to its investment value. Crafted with many features reserved only for certain artists and master-built instruments, they are just what the name says they are: highly anticipated limited-edition models that go very quickly. Scroll below to see them all!

Click the link below to pre-order one of these guitars! Have a question? Call or email us at 516-626-9292 // sales@themusiczoo.com


Limited Edition “59 Special” Strat® – Journeyman Relic®



Limited Edition Heavy Relic® El Diablo Strat®


Limited Edition Relic® H/S Strat®



Limited Edition ’50s Thinline Tele® – Relic®



Limited Edition Heavy Relic® H/S Tele®



Limited Edition Artisan Tele® Caballo Tono Ligero – KOA



Ancho Poblano Stratocaster®



Limited Edition 1958 Closet Classic Jazzmaster®



Limited Edition Heavy Relic® Tele® Caballo Tono Ligero



Limited Edition Heavy Relic® Mischief Maker



Limited Edition 1956 Relic® Stratocaster®



Limited 1967 Closet Classic Smuggler’s Telecaster®


Jun 23


Known for his pummeling guitar work with The Who, Pete Townshend introduced a new sonic and visual vocabulary to rock ‘n’ roll with his masterful playing. The Fender Custom Shop is proud to present the Limited Edition Pete Townshend Stratocaster to players and fans.

One of Townshend’s hallmarks as a songwriter is his use of intertwined electric and acoustic guitar sounds. At his request, Fender incorporated a method for him to easily access both voices without switching guitars. A two-post Fishman™ Powerbridge tremolo bridge provides a palette of acoustic and hybrid acoustic/electric tones for Townshend to easily access as dictated by his needs. The Townshend Tribute Stratocaster uses three Lace Sensor Gold™ single-coil pickups for noise-free performance inspired by classic, crisp, bell-like Fender tone, boosted by an onboard Fender preamp.

Designed to meet Townshend’s wide-ranging needs while performing his classic catalog, this instrument is the perfect palette for guitarists who need both acoustic and electric sounds without switching instruments. Blending modern musical technology with Fender’s timeless guitar design, the Limited Edition Pete Townshend Stratocaster is perfect for players who need a flexible guitar that will easily stand up to a few windmilled chords while sounding great all night long.

Fender Custom Shop will be debuting this new limited-edition guitar at the Summer NAMM Show, but don’t wait: You can pre-order yours now to ensure that you’ll get one! Click the button below to pre-order yours now! Call or email us at 516-626-9292 // sales@themusiczoo.com




Body: 2-Piece Select Alder Finish

Urethane Neck: 1-Piece Maple with a Soft “V” Shape and 9.5” (241 mm) Radius – Frets 21

Vintage-Style Hardware: Nickel/Chrome Bridge Fishman® VIB-101 Power Bridge

Pickups: Gold Lace Sensor (Bridge) Gold Lace Sensor (Middle) Gold Lace Sensor (Neck)

Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. Master TBX Tone Control, Tone 2. Master Active Mid Boost (025dB), Power Bridge Volume

Included: Deluxe Hardshell Case, Stereo Cable, Strap, Certificate of Authenticity and Special Pete Townshend Value-Add Pack



Jun 20

Fender Walnut Koa (1 of 6)

Like exotic woods? This head-turning John Cruz Masterbuilt Strat is made with gorgeous figured koa for the body, a roasted quartersawn maple neck, and one of the coolest pieces of figured walnut for the top that we’ve seen on any guitar – let alone a Stratocaster. We built this guitar out with a trio of Bare Knuckle Trilogy single-coils, and topped it off with black hardware all around. The natural oil finish on the guitar gives it a super smooth feel, ready for fast licks and whatever other speedy runs you want to throw at it. Scroll through the exclusive photos we put together and click the link below to see it in our online-store! Feel free to call or email us with any questions! 516-626-9292 // sales@themusiczoo.com

See this guitar in our online-store!

Fender Walnut Koa (2 of 6)

Fender Walnut Koa (3 of 6)

Fender Walnut Koa (5 of 6)

Fender Walnut Koa (4 of 6)

Jun 16


We are happy to announce that Fender Custom Shop is once again offering Brazilian Rosewood Fretboards on Custom orders!

Here’s what we know:

-Available in the USA Only.

-Available only on Masterbuilt orders.

-Each guitar will come with the attached “USA Only Brazilian Rosewood Certificate”

-The back of the headstock is stamped “USA ONLY”

To have an instrument quoted with a Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard, contact our sales staff today at 516-626-9292 or sales@themusiczoo.com

Jun 11

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (1 of 17)

JUST IN! We’ve got three head-turning Ultimate Relic Stratocasters in stock, and they’re all built by the incredible Jason Smith over at the Fender Custom Shop! These three guitars feature some of the best relic’ing jobs you’ll see on a guitar. These three finishes include a 2-Tone Sunburst, Seafoam Green, and Black over Paisley, offering a variety of styles for the Fender Strat lover. Scroll below to see some up-close photos of these three guitars! You can find them in our online store by clicking the link below! Have any questions? Call or email us at 516-626-9292 or sales@themusiczoo.com!

Click here to view them in our online-store!


2-Tone Sunburst

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (10 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (11 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (12 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (13 of 17)


Seafoam Green

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (2 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (3 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (4 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (5 of 17)


Black over Pink Paisley

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (6 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (7 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (8 of 17)

Jason Smith Masterbuilt Strats (9 of 17)

May 24

Fender Champ (1 of 4)

One of the most beautiful pieces we caught at the NAMM2016 Show was this one of a kind (literally, only one was made) Custom Louver Champ. The Louver Champ was masterbuilt by Shawn Green and Jim Dolmage, with a Fender Modified ’57 Champ 5F1 circuit with NOS parts inside of a 4A-Grade flame maple cabinet with rosewood louvers all hand cut from a single block in a 25” radius pattern. This is truly an amp that looks as good as it sounds.

Want this Exclusive 1-of-1 Amp for yourself? Click the link below or call/email us at 516-626-9292 or sales@themusiczoo.com!

Click here to view it in our online store!

Fender Champ (2 of 4)

Fender Champ (3 of 4)

May 23


Known for his fierce, take-no-prisoners virtuosic guitar playing that encompassed every style from jazz-fusion and progressive rock to heavy metal and blues, Irish guitarist Gary Moore set the world afire every time he took the stage or entered a studio. His storied career included stints with Skid Row, Thin Lizzy, Greg Lake, Colosseum II, and of course, solo works such as Corridors Of Power and Victims Of The Future. Impressed by Moore’s onstage energy and technical prowess during a performance with an early version of the Gary Moore Band, Custom Shop Master Builder John Cruz quickly adopted Moore as his favorite guitarist. Since 1987, when he first joined Fender’s production line, Cruz has dreamed of creating a reproduction of the 1961 Fiesta Red Stratocaster Moore favored in the ’80s, as “the ultimate tribute to the man and his fans.” When he was offered the chance to analyze Moore’s original instrument and create this peerless reproduction, he enthusiastically obliged. He experimented endlessly with the notoriously variable Fiesta Red color, matching the precise shade on Moore’s guitar, and lovingly reproduced every hard- won battle scar on the guitar.

Moore’s instrument was close to “stock,” including the original-spec low-output pickups and traditional 3-way pickup switch. The only modifications were the addition of copper shielding in the cavity and jumbo frets. Cruz’ masterful replica accurately reflects these modifications—even going so far as incorporating a 10”-radius rosewood fingerboard that reflects the original after many years of hard play and multiple re-frets. The pickups are Cruz’ own “Bonetone” design, hand wound by Josefina Campos, and packed full of soulful, authentic Fender tone. The Custom Shop’s boundless attention to detail even extends to the included accessories. The guitar comes with a custom Cruz-designed Anvil case with Moore’s logo stenciled on it, adding tour-worthy protection for the remarkable instrument and housing the included documentation. It also includes two recreations of Moore’s preferred straps: the studded leather strap he used with the guitar early on and the DiMarzio® strap with white clip locks that was added later in the guitar’s tour of duty. This Custom run is limited to just 60 pieces! Get yours from The Zoo!

Want to make this guitar your own? Click the button below or call our sales staff at 516-626-9292! 



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May 13

Wild Deal Strat (1 of 4)

Up for grabs at an incredible 40% OFF is this Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary ’54 Stratocaster in a relic 2-Tone Sunburst finish, part of the 2014 commemoration of the ’60th Anniversary of the Stratocaster. The guitar has a modern 9.5″ radius and adds in 6105 frets and a 5-way switch for easier bending and a modern switching system. Get your hands on this guitar for an awesomely low price before it’s gone. Be sure to keep checking our website for more Wild Deals. You never know what might show up!

Click here to see this guitar on our site!


Use promo code “WILDDEAL” to get 40% OFF


Wild Deal Strat (4 of 4)

Wild Deal Strat (2 of 4)

Wild Deal Strat (3 of 4)

May 11

We get a lot of celebrity customers, but we thought this one was especially worth sharing. Adam Levine is as current as it gets when it comes to popular music, but when we saw him sporting his Fender Custom Shop “Ultimate Relic” Strat (a Music Zoo Exclusive) during his performance of the late Prince’s Purple Rain, we couldn’t do anything but smile when looking back at this 2014 performance. Watch the video above!

View our entire stock of Exclusive Fender Custom Shop Guitars!


May 03

Fender IV (1 of 7)

Just in! This Fender Custom Shop Bass IV Relic is here in a gorgeous Faded Lake Placid Blue. The Bass VI gives you the lower bass register in a comfortable guitar-like setup. The specs of the Bass VI are dead on, so we gave it a custom color and an aged finish to kick it up a notch. Have a look at the photos below and get your hands on this axe now before it’s gone! Get in touch with us by calling 516-626-9292 or by clicking the button below to email sales@themusiczoo.com!

Available Now! Click here to see it on our site!


Fender IV (3 of 7)

Fender IV (4 of 7)

Fender IV (6 of 7)

Fender IV (5 of 7)


Photos by Walter Bryant


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