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Get ready, because we’re doing yet another giveaway! This time we’re giving you the chance to win a classy D’Angelico EXL-1! This superb example of D’Angelico’s high-quality craftsmanship is a favorite among many of our very own Music Zoo staff. Featuring a black gloss finish, laminated Spruce toplaminated Maple back and sides, and Mother of Pearl inlays, this guitar is full of great features! This clean and classy instrument could be yours in just a few easy steps! Follow the link below to enter!

Enter To Win A D’Angelico EXL-1 By Clicking Here!




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Dean Zelinsky Guitars Debuts The Sidekick Pickup Tue, 03 Mar 2015 15:21:36 +0000 SideKick_Tagliare_Ad_940_1


Since 1976, the Dean Zelinsky brand of guitars has made top notch quality instruments, favored among a number of established musicians. Withal, Dean Zelinsky continues to push the envelope, as he has now developed the first ever true Humbucker pickup; switches to an authentic Single-Coil. With SideKick technology, switching from humbucker to single-coil, the pickups match volume. There is virtually no volume drop-off as in conventional Humbucker coil-tapping or splitting.

Zelinsky started to develop this technology after the launch of his Tagliare model guitars in August of 2013. Players kept ordering the Tagliare with two single-coils and a humbucker in the bridge position. Zelinsky stated he worked hard to create the world’s best single-coil tones for his new Tagliares and it bothered him that customers would be losing that great single-coil tone in the bridge position. The company offered coil-taps on the bridge humbucker, but as Zelinsky states, “that half-a-humbucker sound, while we have all been doing it for years, just doesn’t get you there…plus you lose half the volume.” Zelinsky set out to offer a humbucker that turns into a single-coil, which was true to each pickup’s vintage tone with no volume differential.

“People have been making great single-coils and great humbuckers for decades…but until now, nobody has been able to get both into the same space. The SideKick Pickup absolutely works and is the pickup many players have been looking for. It simply didn’t exist until NOW!” states Zelinsky.

Now although we don’t sell Dean’s guitars, we couldn’t help but let you all know about this cool innovation! Have a look at their site to learn more about these pickups!


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The Suhr Riot and Riot Reloaded Distortion Pedals Mon, 02 Mar 2015 21:39:46 +0000

Now an overnight success, the Suhr Riot overdrive pedal has become the weapon of choice for countless guitar players since it’s debut in 2009. It is now somewhat of a household name in the pedal industry, and has made a name for itself among the legendary guitar overdrives we know and love. The Suhr Riot gained it’s popularity for being able to transform a clean amp into a classic rock tone machine. Suhr has since released the Suhr Riot Reloaded adding even more gain and aggressiveness to your sound!.

The Riot Reloaded is the result of countless hours of listening, testing, and tweaking to the original distortion circuit to create a pedal that is amp-like, aggressive, in your face, and features more gain (30% more than our original Riot). Riot Reloaded is the ideal choice for players seeking Hi-Gain Rock, Metal, and drop tuning style tones. Have a look and listen at some of the demos Suhr put together to showcase this great pedal!

If you like what you hear, both the Suhr Riot and Riot Reloaded are available right here on our site! Also, don’t forget to have a look at our entire stock of Suhr pedals as well!




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The Suhr Hedgehog Guitar Amplifier At The Zoo Sat, 28 Feb 2015 17:23:40 +0000

With Suhr’s reputation for building some of the highest quality instruments, pedals, and amps on the market, it’s worth having a look when they reveal something new! Well we’re glad we did, because the new Hedgehog 50 is a representation of how far Suhr can push the boundaries of innovation, while still maintaining the solid tone and variety that we know and love.

Featuring dual 5881 output tubes putting out 50 watts, this amp features a dazzling array of controls and options to let players dial in their exact tone. On the innovative side of things, the Hedgehog offers MIDI programmability, allowing players to achieve an real all-tube tone with the ease of programming previously only seen in modellers and emulators. Selectable 4, 8, and 16 ohm outputs guarantee you’ll have no problem plugging in at any gig.

This amp is definitely one of our favorites here at The Zoo, and a lot of us wouldn’t mind bringing one home for ourselves! …but we’ll save a few for you! You can view the full-spec list as well as purchase this amp right here on our website! Watch the videos above and below to hear this great amp in action!


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A Brief History Of The Epiphone Casino Fri, 27 Feb 2015 18:58:46 +0000 N_010114E1

The storied past of the Epiphone Casino is one that transcends more than 60 years. Being played by a number of iconic musicians along the way, Epiphone prides themselves in making the Casino the same as they did during it’s initial introduction. This timeless model, which was essentially Epiphone’s version of the Gibson ES-330, remains in the spotlight among the newest generation of guitar players; most notably, Gary Clark Jr. Have a look at Epiphone’s article on their website, recalling the lengthly history of the Epiphone Casino and complimented with historic photos and video! Also, make yourself a part of this legendary brand, and browse through our large selection of Epiphone guitars on our site as well!



Images from


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An EVH Experience At The Music Zoo Thu, 26 Feb 2015 18:02:19 +0000 EVH Room (1 of 6)

Eddie Van Halen and the EVH Brand are a major part of The Music Zoo, and can be seen at every corner of the store. Our respect and admiration for his talent and career is very prevalent as we seek to share that with our customers. In hopes of exposing the glory of his career, we have a number of EVH inspired displays throughout the store. Walk up the stairs to our upper level and you are greeted with a larger-than-life photo of EVH jumping on stage. Get to the top of the staircase, and you’ll find one of his infamous “Frankenstein” guitars nested within a gas-station-type display, along with a number of photos and magazine article of Eddie Van Halen with friends. Lastly, a room filled with EVH guitars, amps and pedals to play ends you’re journey through the corridor of our upper-level. If you’re an enthusiast of the EVH legacy, or just a fan of the guitars and music, feel free to come by the store. Everyone is welcome! Be sure to have a look at our entire stock of EVH guitars on our site as well!

A lively 7 foot tall photo of Eddie Van Halen greets you on your way upstairs

EVH photo (1 of 1)


One of EVH’s Frankenstein Guitars

EVH guitar (1 of 1)

EVH Room (4 of 6)

EVH Room (3 of 6)


 Our EVH Room filled with a ton of EVH Gear

EVH Room (1 of 6)

EVH Room (2 of 6)


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Wolfgang Van Halen Shares Photos Of His Dad’s Legendary Guitars Thu, 26 Feb 2015 16:00:48 +0000 main image

Our friends at the Van Halen News Desk recently showcased some photos from Wolfgang, Eddie Van Halen’s son, which feature some awesome guitars spanning EVH’s career. From a mini les paul shaped custom VH guitar, to the infamous Frankenstein, these photos definitely had us glued to our screens in awe! Check them out through the link below!

Have a look at the exclusive photos on their website at!


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NAMM ’15: Strandberg Guitars Thu, 26 Feb 2015 15:11:09 +0000 IMG_6259

NAMM2015 Strandberg is one company we’ve kept our eyes on for some time now. Their unique headless design and ergonomic body is eye-catching, and lends itself to it’s seamless ability to balance function and form in a truly awesome fashion. We at The Zoo have been so intrigued by these fantastic instruments, that we are proud to have a few of these models coming to the store! If you have any questions or inquiries about any of these amazing guitars, feel free to contact our sales staff at or call 516-626-9292! Have a look at the photos from their NAMM display below!




Boden 6 Custom Shop (Misha Mansoor Model)



Boden OS 7



Boden CL7 Custom Shop




Boden 7 Custom Shop






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Keith Merrow Demos The Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive Wed, 25 Feb 2015 15:20:24 +0000

The 805 Overdrive by Seymour Duncan is a classic overdrive aimed at getting you that smooth and crisp bluesy tone one minute, and a high gain metal tone the next. Well, Keith Merrow is here to show you the latter end of the spectrum. Email if interested in ordering this pedal. Check out the list of specs below, as well as some additional info from Seymour Duncan.

From Seymour Duncan

The 805 is a very transparent, classic Overdrive pedal designed using the chip found in the legendary 808 as a starting point but eventually ending with the MC33178, a chip we felt had superior sonic characteristics along with a lower noise figure and longer battery life. The 805 features an expanded gain range and 3-band active EQ that is not commonly found in 808 style overdrive pedals. It’s so versatile that you can use it for a smooth, lyrical bluesy overdrive one minute and a modern metal crunch the next. We started with the classic overdrive tones we all know and love but we tightened up the bottom end and added more sparkle in the highs as well as more detailed note articulation. Whether you’re after ringing cleans, a subtle boost, fat crunch, or even screaming sustaining solo tones, it’s all in there. And unlike other overdrives that become thin when you refine the gain, the 805’s 3-band active EQ lets you take back control over the low end while also fine-tuning the mids and highs.

Subtle Boost
With the Drive control fully counter-clockwise, the 805 Overdrive acts as a signal booster with 8dB of gain, adding more life and sparkle to your tone along with the flexibility of further contouring your sound with the active 3-band EQ. In this setup you may just want to leave it on all the time.
Scooped Mid
Setting the Mid control around 10 o’clock gives a bit of a scoop to the normally mid-range predominant punch, accentuating the beef and clarity for both picking and chunking. The Drive control around the 11 o’clock position gives you control with both your volume control and playing intensity, ranging from sparkly clean to fat crunch when you dig in.
Valve Howler (Thank you, Mr. Thesarus)
Push your amp’s front-end into overdrive, with some additional rich, tasty grit from the pedal. The personality of the tone will depend upon your specific amp and settings, so let your curiosity be your guide!
Keith Merrow recommends:
“I have the following setting, which I use for a tight modern metal sound in front of a high gain amp.”



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Seagull S6 Music Zoo Exclusive Koa Giveaway Tue, 24 Feb 2015 15:31:28 +0000 Seagull 2

We love showing our appreciation for all of our great costumers, so we’re gearing up for another guitar-giveaway! The Seagull S6 Koa acoustic guitar is one of our favorite exclusive guitars, and now one of you has the chance to win one! The Koa S6 guitar is constructed with a laminated Hawaiian koa back and sides with a mahogany top. The net result is tone that is warm, with plenty of upper-midrange presence and a bright, crisp top-end. The excellence in detail and clarity when playing chords and solo lines in the upper frets can be heard at first strum! Have a look at some photos of this great guitar below!

Enter to Win a Seagull S6 Music Zoo Exclusive Koa Dreadnought Guitar by clicking here!


Seagull (1 of 12)

Seagull (8 of 12)

Seagull (6 of 12)

Seagull (4 of 12)

Seagull (12 of 12)






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