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Samamp Amplifiers

Sam Timberlake grew up surrounded by both music and electronics. He began playing music at age six and later, while learning to play guitar, started searching for guitar tone. He discovered tube amplifiers and wanted to know why they worked so well with the electric guitar. In October 2004, Sam developed his V.A.C. circuit and applied for a patent. All samamp guitar amplifiers are point to point hand wired with "class a" vacuum tube circuitry. The V.A.C. - Variable Amplitude Clipping control (patent pending) is the central feature setting operating parameters of the output tubes.

Samamp 23-Verb 1x12 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier Tweed
Samamp's reputation speaks for itself: Guitarists the world over use them for amazingly versatile yet vintage-inspired tones. This 23-Verb model utilizes dual 6V6GT output tubes in a Class A configuration for 23 watts of classic tone. Samamp's signature Variable Amplitude Clipping (or V.A.C.) control lets you step down the power to 18, 11, or 7 watts for full-bodied tube overdrive at just about any volume! A combination of 12AX7, 12AU7, and 12AT7 pre-amp tubes feed the power section, and the Eminence 'Lil Texas speaker provides the firepower. A simple two-band EQ control (with push-pull Mid Boost), along with traditional Volume, Tone and Reverb controls let you dial in just the right tone.
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