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  • Strandberg Boden Prog Bass 5 Review & Demo!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Strandberg Boden Prog Bass 5 Review & Demo The Music Zoo

    The Strandberg Boden Prog Bass 5 is Versatile, Stable, and Comfortable to Play!

    The brand new Strandberg Boden Bass Prog 5 is an impressive entry by Strandberg into the bass guitar market! Based on the classic Prog guitar, this new Prog bass is geared toward the modern player and boasts a lightweight chambered Swamp Ash body with a killer flame maple top, and a roasted maple neck with smooth ebony fingerboard. Features like the EndurNeck profile, Nordstrand Big Rig humbuckers with Darkglass preamp, and a new EGS Rev 2 bass bridge make this a perfect addition to any bass lover's family.

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  • Epiphone Jared James Nichols “Old Glory” Les Paul Custom Outfit!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Epiphone Jared James Limited Edition Les Paul Custom

    Epiphone Presents Limited Edition Les Paul Custom for Upcoming Player, Jared James of Old Glory!

    The Ltd. Ed. Jared James Nichols “Old Glory” Les Paul Custom Outfit is the premier signature model by the rising star from Les Paul’s hometown who Music Radar named their Top 5 Upcoming Guitar Players in the World. Jared James Nichols’ “Old Glory” features a classic 1955-style Les Paul Custom body with a single Seymour DuncanTM P-90 pickup, an Ebony fingerboard with traditional block inlays, GroverTM Rotomatic tuners, and EpiLiteTM case along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. Click the button below to pre-order yours today!

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  • Taylor V-Class Grand Concert Guitars Video!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Taylor V Class The Music Zoo Grand Concert Series

    Taylor Guitars Adds V-Class Bracing to their Grand Concert Series of guitars, offering improved intonation, and a more robust sound!

    Compared to other Taylor body styles, the Grand Concert has always drawn attention for its playability and compact size, both of which make it an appealing option for players of smaller stature as well as those who simply prefer an intimate guitar-playing experience. 

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  • Orange Pedal Baby 100 Ryan Bruce Demo Video!

    Posted on by Walter Bryant

    Orange pedal baby 100 demo video the music zoo

    The Pedal Baby 100 is a 100W Class A/B power Amplifier with Awesome Loud and Clean Tones!

    While Class D amps are favored for their efficiency, Class A/B amps have a certain “feel” that you can’t get any other way. The Pedal Baby 100 gives guitarists back the dynamics, punch and natural sound that is missing in modern power amps. Plus, Class A/B amps produce real power through standard guitar cabs; 100W into 8 ohms and 70W into 16 Ohms, to be precise. Watch as Ryan Bruce runs through the range of tones this little box can achieve!


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