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Strandberg Collapsible Guitar Stand
We’ve all tried to fit a Strandberg guitar on a normal guitar stand…trust us – you don’t want to take that chance much longer. Pick...

$65.00 Or $1.35/month for 48 months!

Music Man Replacement Tremolo Arm
Here is a replacement pop-in style tremolo arm for tremolo bridges on Music Man electric guitars. Part number M05437


Steinberger XT-2 Electric Bass Guitar Case
Keep your Steinberger electric bass safe with this official case with a black tolex covering and plush interior. The case is meant to fit XT-2...

$92.99 Or $1.93/month for 48 months!

The Music Zoo Logo 8oz. Mug with Spoon
Start your mornings off by pouring your favorite beverage into an 8 ounce mug adorned with the logo of your favorite guitar store! Black exterior...

$9.99 Or $0.20/month for 48 months!

Snark Super Tight Clip-On Guitar Instrument Tuner
Convenient and accurate, this is the Snark Super Tight clip-on tuner. Choose microphone or vibration sensor for keeping your guitar or bass in tune on...


Victory Amplification V40 Deluxe Electric Guitar Amplifier Head
This beauty of an amp is the brand new Victory V40 Deluxe, a class act dressed up with leather corners and a matching handle complementing...

$1,579.00 Or $32.89/month for 48 months!

Planet Waves Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniversary Woven Guitar Strap
The Beatles and D’Addario have teamed up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with some limited edition picks and...

$29.99 Or $0.62/month for 48 months!

Journey Instruments OF660 Carbon Fiber Acoustic Navy Blue
Although not a traditional tonewood, carbon fiber has been praised in guitar making for its stability, tone, and ultra-modern looks. This Journey Instruments OF660 combines...

$1,249.99 Or $26.04/month for 48 months!

Fryette Power Station Attenuator
This Fryette Power Station PS-2 attenuator does much more than simply lower your volume! It's a fully reactive load box, safe for any ohmage, and...

$699.00 Or $14.56/month for 48 months!

Strandberg SKB Waterproof TSA Hardshell Case
This quality Strandberg case is manufactured by SKB and uses everyone's favorite TSA-approved latches. It's also waterproof! The case is designed to safely nest your...

$250.00 Or $5.20/month for 48 months!

Dunlop Shell Fingerpicks and Thumbpick Large
Here is a 4-pack of Dunlop shell fingerpicks and a thumb pick, in size large.

$5.15 Or $0.10/month for 48 months!

Ampete 444 MIDI Amp & Cabinet Switching System
The Ampete 444 switches and routes up to 4 different Amplifiers (one at a time) into 4 (up to two at at a time) different...

$1,490.00 Or $31.04/month for 48 months!

Line 6 Helix Backpack
Travel in style and safety with this Line 6 Backpack for the Helix floor system. The bag is of luggage-grade construction with stowable backpack straps,...

$149.99 Or $3.12/month for 48 months!

Kramer Baretta Vintage Electric Guitar Vintage White
This new Kramer Baretta Vintage is based on the specs of the original 1985 guitar and it features the distinctive "hockey stick" headstock and slanted...

$699.00 Or $14.56/month for 48 months!

Jodi Head Hootenanny Zeek Guitar Strap (Purple/Gold)
Made by hand in New York City, full leather body with adjustable tail. 2" wide x 55 long, purple and gold design.

$33.00 Or $0.68/month for 48 months!

Fender Mini '65 Twin-Amp Guitar Combo Amplifier
Whether you live and die by Fender amps, or just need a cool at-home-on-the-couch practice amp, this Fender Mini '65 Twin-Amp is a great option!...

$49.99 Or $1.04/month for 48 months!

Dunlop PVP106 Celluloid Guitar Picks Variety 12-Pack Heavy
A great variety pack of 12 celluloid material guitar picks from Dunlop!

$5.82 Or $0.12/month for 48 months!

Fender CD-60S Acoustic Guitar Black
The CD-60S is one of Fender's most popular models and is ideal for players looking for a high-quality affordable dreadnought with great tone and excellent...


Snark SN5X-U Clip-On Guitar/Bass/Violin Instrument Tuner
Convenient and accurate, this is the Snark SN5X clip-on tuner. It has a full frequency range sensor so you can tune any stringed instrument from...

$11.99 Or $0.24/month for 48 months!

Taylor Wave Applique Acoustic Guitar Strap Dark Brown
This 2.5" wide distressed leather Taylor strap is made with veg-tan wave applique, foam padding, and a nice suede backing.

$69.99 Or $1.45/month for 48 months!

Taylor 100 and 200 Series Tuners Chrome
Designed exclusively for Taylor guitars, this is their set of Standard tuners with a chrome plating for their 100 and 200 series of acoustic guitars....

$29.99 Or $0.62/month for 48 months!

Boss BIC-15A Instrument Cable 15 Feet
This is a 15 foot Roland BIC-15A straight angle/right angle cable, built with heavy duty ¼” connectors, a low-capacitance design, and a lifetime guarantee from...

$35.00 Or $0.72/month for 48 months!

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