Rotosound RS665LD Swing Bass 66 Stainless Steel Electric Bass Guitar Strings 45-130
This is the Swing Bass 66 set of strings for 5-string basses from Rotosound. These strings are stainless steel for a powerful, bright tone, and...

$ 27.99

Rotosound RB45-5 Roto 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Strings 45-130
Set of Rotosound strings for 5-string electric basses with long scales. Nickel on steel, extra bright, unsilked so therefore less expensive than the RS series....

$ 22.99

D'Addario Nickel Wound 5-String Long-Scale Bass Strings 45-130
D'Addario XL Nickel Electric Bass strings are world-renowned as "The Player's Choice" amongst bass players of all genres and styles. All XL strings are precision...

$ 24.99

Ernie Ball Super Slinky 5-String Bass Strings (40-125)
Ernie Ball Power Slinky bass strings are made from nickel plated steel and wire wrapped around tin plated hex shaped steel core wire for long-lasting,...

$ 21.99

DR Lo-Rider 5-String Bass Strings (Medium 45-125)
DR Lo-Rider strings offer a deep bass tone and are slightly stiffer than the classic Hi-Beams. Ideal strings for slap-bass players or tap-style bassists

$ 32.95