Used 2016 Fender Custom Shop Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster Electric Guitar Frost Gold
Fender Custom's The Danny Gatton Signature Telecaster is based on the heavily customized '50s Tele that the late, great guitarist played at the peak of his career. It sports a big '50s profile on a gorgeously figured maple neck, has a lightweight ash body, and two Bill Lawrence-designed rail pickups....

$ 3,199.00

Used 1976 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail Electric Guitar Black
Who doesn't love a cool vintage Strat? Especially one with a big ol' 70's headstock and a naturally relic'd Black finish over an alder body. The guitar has a maple neck with 21 frets, three Fender single-coil Strat pickups, a hardtail bridge, and chrome hardware. This guitar is in good...

$ 2,999.00

Used 1981 Fender Lead I Electric Guitar Red
One of the most underrated Fender designs if you ask us! This is a vintage 1981 Fender Lead I guitar in a red finish over an ash body. You couldn't get more sounds out of a single-pickup guitar if you tried. This guitar has a 3-way switch to go between...

$ 699.00

Used 2015 Fender Custom Shop '60s Roasted Ash Stratocaster Electric Guitar Black
Who doesn't love a relic'd black Strat? We sure love them. This is a pre-owned made in 2015 Custom Shop '60s Stratocaster with a roasted ash body, "C" shaped maple neck and rosewood fretboard, along with three Custom Shop Strat pickups and a 5-way pickup switch. This guitar is in...

$ 3,199.00

Used 2007 Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster Electric Guitar Refinished Cobalt Blue Relic
A Nocaster reissue that won't look like any others: this is a used Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster reissue that has been refinished by Chad Underwood for a very cool Cobalt Blue relic look, something a bit more modern than the bursts and blonde finishes you see on a '50s...

$ 2,299.00

Used 2010 Fender Custom Shop '51 Nocaster NOS Electric Guitar 2-Tone Sunburst
This is one excellent looking Nocaster! A pre-owned Custom Shop '51 Reissue with a 2-Tone Sunburst finish over a figured ash body with a chunky neck profile, and extended 22-fret maple fretboard with a modern 9.5" radius. The guitar is in excellent condition - so much so that the pickguard...

$ 2,999.00

Used 2013 Fender Custom Shop Anniversary '64 L-Series Stratocaster Closet Classic Electric Guitar Shoreline Gold
Here we have a Custom Shop '64 Strat, made in 2013 with a beautiful Closet Classic Shoreline Gold finish. It's in excellent condition with all wear original to how it left the Custom Shop and includes the original case with case candy. In all respects, this guitar is identical to...

$ 2,999.00

Used 2012 Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang Electric Guitar Fiesta Red
This is a pre-owned Fender Made in Japan Kurt Cobain Mustang, modeled after the guitar that was modded to change a generation. This guitar has all the usual Mustang specs with a shorter 24” scale length, 20 frets, and 7.25” radius with vintage-style frets – but with the changes that...

$ 999.00

Used Fender Custom Shop Exclusive ZF Stratocaster Electric Guitar Matte Black
The Music Zoo's exclusive ZF Series of Fender Custom guitars are teambuilt with a Seymour Duncan SH1 ’59 humbucker and a Floyd Rose vibrato bridge and locking nut. The guitars feature a mid-'60s style oval "C" neck under a satin laquer finish and a dark Ebony with a more contemporary...

$ 3,699.00

Used 2013 Fender American Vintage '64 Telecaster Electric Guitar Aged White Blonde
1964 was a monumental year for popular music and a pivotal year for the Telecaster, too, as seen in this pre-owned American Vintage '64 Telecaster. The thicker Maple necks of the '50s and early '60s now gave way to a more rounded C-shaped profile, this time topped with a round-laminated...

$ 1,799.00

Used 1997 Fender Custom Shop '58 Stratocaster Electric Guitar Shell Pink
This vibey Stratocaster is a lightly pre-owned Custom Shop '58 Reissue in a super clean Shell Pink finish. The guitar has classic '58 looks with the added flash of a birdseye maple neck, 1-ply pickguard, and gold hardware! This '58 Strat is in excellent shape with little to no wear...

$ 2,999.00

Used 2003 Fender Custom Shop Mark Kendrick Master Built Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar Gold Leaf
Fender's Custom Shop Master Builders are renowned for producing some of the finest instruments on the market today. Masterbuilder Mark Kendrick constructed this pre-owned Stratocaster to create a one-of-a-kind instrument that's a must have for any collector. The Alder body is gilded in a stunning Gold Leaf that turns this...

$ 5,999.00

Used 1988 Fender American Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Black
This is a used Fender American Standard Tele in a black finish with a rosewood fretboard, built in 1988. The guitar is in super clean condition with barely a mark to be seen on it. We've popped open the guitar to date it, and it appears to be a 1988,...

$ 1,449.00

Used 1994 Fender Aluminum Stratocaster Electric Guitar Anodized Green Swirl
This is a rarity that we won't see every day: this is a pre-owned Fender Custom Shop Aluminum Stratocaster built in 1994 with an Anodized Green Swirl finish. The story is that after Fender designed the Harley Davison 90th Anniversary aluminum-bodied Strats, they decided to built more metal-molded guitars, however...

$ 7,999.00

Used 2003 Fender American Vintage '52 Telecaster Electric Guitar Butterscotch Blonde
Here's a pre-owned Tele that proves why you can't mess with a classic - an American Vintage Series '52 Tele with a Butterscotch Blonde finish on an ash body. Features on the guitar include a "U" shaped maple neck with a maple fretboard, 25.5" scale length, 21 vintage-style frets, 7.25"...

$ 1,499.00

Used 2006 Fender Custom Shop '65 Stratocaster Relic Guitar Shoreline Gold
This is a great looking '65 Strat reissue, built at the Fender Custom Shop in 2006. This '65 Strat has a relic Shoreline Gold finish a maple neck with a lacquer finish, rosewood fretboard, and a trio of Custom Shop Strat pickups. The guitars relic finish gives the body some...

$ 2,499.00

Used 2014 Fender Custom Shop '60 Stratocaster Relic Electric Guitar Lake Placid Blue over 3-Tone Sunburst
This is a pre-owned Fender Custom Shop color over color '60 Stratocaster from the 2014 NAMM display. This '60 has a Lake Placid Blue finish over 3-Tone sunburst, and is built with an alder body, "C" shaped neck, and three Custom Shop Fat '50s pickups for an authentic '60s Strat...

$ 3,499.00

Used 2015 Fender Custom Shop Jason Smith Masterbuilt 1969 Stratocaster Electric Guitar Sonic Blue over 3-Tone Sunburst
Used 2015 Fender Custom Shop Jason Smith Masterbuilt 1969 Stratocaster Electric Guitar Sonic Blue over 3-Tone Sunburst
Here we have a pre-owned 2015 ’69 Strat with a very cool color over color Sonic Blue / 3-Tone Sunburst heavy relic finish. Features include a AAA-grade flamed “U” shaped maple neck and rosewood fretboard, loaded with three John Cruz Strat pickups and fretted with big Dunlop 6100 frets for...

$ 5,999.00 $ 5,499.00

Used 2009 Fender Custom Exclusive Masterbuilt Mark Kendrick '57 Not Rod Stratocaster Relic Electric Guitar 2-Tone Sunburst
This terrific Strat is a pre-owned Not Rod Strat – from a series of Music Zoo exclusive Fender Custom Shop guitars built sans truss rod and with chunky “D” shaped maple necks that felt fantastic. This guitar was made by masterbuilt Mark Kendrick in 2009 after a ’57 Strat with...

$ 4,899.00

Used 2004 Fender Custom Masterbuilt John Cruz 1950's Esquire Relic Electric Guitar
This fantastic guitar is a pre-owned 2004 ’50s Esquire built by the one and only John Cruz. It's a very early serial number from John, this one coming in at JC013! It has a heavy relic Butterscotch finish on an ash body with a maple neck, single-ply black guard, and...

$ 6,999.00

Used 2012 Fender Custom Shop '59 Esquire Relic Electric Guitar Aztec Gold
Used 2012 Fender Custom Shop '59 Esquire Relic Electric Guitar Aztec Gold
How do you make a double-bound Esquire even cooler? You give it a slick finish and a matching headstock! This beauty is a 2012 Custom Shop ’59 Esquire with an Aztec Gold relic finish and a matching Aztec Gold headstock. The guitar is built vintage-spec with a 7.25” fretboard radius...

$ 3,399.00 $ 2,699.00

Used Fender 1953 Esquire Electric Guitar Blonde
A vintage Esquire with some player-friendly changes that make this a more affordable instrument than a stock vintage piece. This is a 1953 Esquire that has a refinished blonde color to the ash body, a maple neck, and a vintage radius and small frets for that original ‘50s Fender playability....

$ 11,999.00

Used 2014 Fender Custom Shop '64 L-Series Stratocaster Closet Classic Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst
Here is a 2014 Custom Shop '64 Strat, part of the L-Series of '60s guitars that were released that year. This Strat features an early ’60s C-shaped maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and very curvaceous 7.25” radius, hand-wound pickups, and a mint green pickguard among other great things. It...

$ 2,699.00

Used Fender MIJ '69 Reissue Telecaster Electric Guitar Blue Flower Paisley
Believe in the power of the flower with this pre-owned Fender '69 Reissue Tele, made in Japan between 1993 and 1994. This paisley Tele has a blue flower finish over with a maple neck, 7.25" fretboard radius with vintage size frets, and two Tele single-coil pickups with a 3-saddle bridge....

$ 1,299.00

Used 2015 Fender Custom Shop Time Machine 1952 Heavy Relic Telecaster Electric Guitar Nocaster Blonde
Everyone dreams of finding a vintage Tele that's been broken in to perfection over the course of nearly 60 years. This 1952 Heavy Relic Telecaster aims to capture the spirit of those vintage instruments! This Tele features a classic Nocaster Blonde finish that's been aged for a beyond-played-in look and...

$ 3,299.00

Used 2008 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Jason Smith Ultimate Relic Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White over 3-Tone Sunburst
Used 2008 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Jason Smith Ultimate Relic Stratocaster Electric Guitar Olympic White over 3-Tone Sunburst
It’s always nice to see an old friend come back through the doors. Here’s a pre-owned Music Zoo Ultimate Relic ’59 Strat, made by Jason Smith in 2008. The guitar has our signature Ultimate Relic paint job with a very cool Olympic white over 3-tone sunburst finish, with a bit...

$ 5,999.00 $ 4,949.00

Used 2006 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Mark Kendrick 1954 Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-Tone Sunburst
A throwback to the original Stratocaster, built by the very talented Mark Kendrick in 2006 – here’s a pre-owned ’54 Stratocaster in a 2-tone sunburst finish. The guitar is straight vintage spec with an ash body, 21 vintage size frets and 7.25” radius, three single-coil pickups, and a 3-way pickup...

$ 6,749.00

Used 2014 Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster Relic Electric Guitar 2-Tone Sunburst
Used 2014 Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary 1954 Stratocaster Relic Electric Guitar 2-Tone Sunburst
Here is a pre-owned '54 Strat made in 2014, the year which saw the 60th Anniversary of the Stratocaster. Built with a two-tone sunburst finish and a relic finish, the '54 single coils provide all the sparkle, twang, and quack players expect from a Strat. All other parts are vintage...

$ 3,999.00 $ 3,599.00

Used 1966 Fender Jaguar Electric Guitar Sunburst
Used 1966 Fender Jaguar Electric Guitar Sunburst
Nothing beats the vibe of a vintage Fender Jaguar. The Jaguar has always been a bit under the radar as vintage Fenders go, but has enjoyed a resurgence in the last couple of years as a great way to pick up a 1960's Fender guitar without selling off everything you...

$ 4,499.00 $ 4,199.00

Used 2013 Fender Artist Series Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar Surf Green
No one commands a Strat like Jeff Beck can. Here’s a pre-owned Artist Series Strat with a Surf Green finish, 9.5” radius with vintage stytle frets, 2-point tremolo, LSR roller nut, and Ceramic Noiseless pickups. This Jeff Beck Strat has some dings and scratches around the body down to the...

$ 1,549.00

Used 2010 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Paul Waller Zebrawood Stratocaster Electric Guitar
How fitting that a Zebrawood Strat would make its way through the doors of The Music Zoo! Here' s a pre-owned custom Strat made by masterbuilder Paul Waller at the Custom Shop in 2010 with an alder body, great looking zebrawood top, and black and white hardware with both nickel...

$ 4,499.00

Used 2014 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Greg Fessler '60 Stratocaster Electric Guitar Satin Rosewood
Now this is one cool Strat - a pre-owned '60 Strat with a rosewood body, maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. Built by the very talented Greg Fessler, the guitar has a smooth feeling satin poly finish to protect the wood, with an oval "C" neck shape, modern 9.5" radius, and...

$ 4,499.00

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