Used 2011 Swart Space Tone Atomic Jr Combo Guitar Amplifier Tweed
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Used 2011 Swart Space Tone Atomic Jr Combo Guitar Amplifier Tweed
Don't let it's size fool you, this pre-owned Swart Space Tone Atomic Junior is a 5 watt Class A tube amp with a single 6V6GT power tube and one 12AX7...

$ 999.00 $ 899.00

Used Brown Amplification 2x12 Guitar Cabinet Open Back Red Tolex
This is a Brown Amplification 2x12" guitar cabinet, built by the small company in Texas. The cab is an open back design with two Tone Tubby Alnico speakers and is...

$ 699.00

Used Marshall Lead 12 Head & Cabinet Mini Stack
Don't tell us you don't love spotting these little solid state Marshall mini stacks! This amp is awesome: a vintage Marshall Lead 12 with two mini cabinets. The amp is...

$ 595.00

Used Swart Space Tone Reverb Combo Amplifier Dark Tweed
Here is a pre-owned Swart STR Space Tone Reverb combo with a 12” Mojo British Vintage Blues speaker and a dark tweed. This little 5-watter can pump out some of...

$ 1,100.00

Used Victoria Victoriette Combo Amplifier
This is a used Victoriette from Victoria Amplifiers. It combines the warm clean tones of a Blackface Deluxe with the punch and power of a British Class A amplifier. It’s...

$ 1,795.00

Used Goodsell Super Seventeen 1x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier
Here is a boutique amp for sale: a pre-owned Goodsell Super Seventeen 1x12” combo amp with a black tolex covering and a single 12” WGS RG65 speaker. The amp is...

$ 1,395.00

Used Victoria Silver Sonic Combo Amplifier
This is a pre-owned Silver Sonic combo from Victoria amplifiers. The Silver Sonic takes the classic sounds of a 5F6-A design and combines it with 100% tube powered reverb and...

$ 2,595.00

Used Carr Mercury Guitar Combo 1x12 Amplifier Black
Want that tube amp warmth and tone in your bedroom or apartment without having the authorities called on you? This is a great choice - a pre-owned Carr Mercury combo...

$ 1,599.00

Used Mesa Boogie Son of Boogie 1x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier
This is a pre-owned Mesa Boogie Son of Boogie 1x12" combo amp, a Boogie from the 1980s that is a 60 watt single-channel amp with dual inputs, two 6L6GC power...

$ 899.00

Used 2006 Swart Atomic Space Tone Combo Amplifier Tweed
Here we have a pre-owned Swart Atomic Space Tone which features 20w of twin 6V6 power in high Class A biased AB and brings some of the most soulful and...

$ 1,495.00

Used Epiphone Valve Junior Guitar Amplifier Combo
We have a used Epiphone Valve Junior guitar combo amp in excellent condition. These amps are considered among the best bargains available for a tube amp. The Valve Junior kicks...

$ 199.00

Used Fender Concert II 1x12 Guitar Combo Amplifier
This is a pre-owned Fender Concert II, a two-channel amplifier from Fender built in the 1980s with a clean and overdrive channel, with 60 watts of 6L6 power going through...

$ 849.00

Used Swart Limited Edition Atomic Space Tone Head and 2x12 Cabinet Lacquered Tweed
This killer looking stack is a Swart Atomic Space Tone head with a matching 2x12” open back cabinet, which was a limited run from Swart Amplifiers. The head has onboard...

$ 2,249.00

Used Marshall JCM800 4210 Combo 50 Watt Guitar Combo Amplifier
50 watts and two channels of 1980's Marshall power in a convenient 1x12" combo package: this is a used Marshall model 4210, essentially the combo version of the 2205 head....

$ 1,099.00

Used Marshall JCM-1H 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Head and Cabinet Mini Stack
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Used Marshall JCM-1H 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Head and Cabinet Mini Stack
This little powerhouse was from the 1-watt limited edition runs of amplifiers Marshall created to celebrate their 50th anniversary. This is a mini-stack of a 1-watt JCM800 dubbed the JCM-1H...

$ 1,475.00

Used Swart Space Tone ST-6V6se Guitar Combo Amplifier Tweed
Here is a pre-owned and still in excellent condition Swart Space Tone ST-6V6se 1x8” with a lacquered tweed covering. The amp is inspired by the single-ended ‘50s guitar amps that...

$ 799.00

Used Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Deluxe Reverb 1x12 Combo Amplifier
The 22-watt (at 8 ohms) ’65 Deluxe Reverb amp is for rock, country or blues players who want a moderately powered amp they can crank up on the gig or...

$ 1,095.00

Used Marshall Limited Edition JCM800 2203 100 Watt Guitar Head Amplifier and 2x12" Cabinet Western Tolex
This great looking amp setup is a pre-owned Marshall JCM800 2203 100 watt amp and a 1936 2x12" closed back cabinet both covered in a beautiful Western tolex covering that...

$ 2,895.00

Used Marshall 1974X Handwired 1x12 18 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier Combo
Used Marshall 1974X Handwired 1x12 18 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier Combo
This pre-owned reissue of the fabled 1974 model amplifier features all of the harmonically rich tones that have drawn players to Marshall amps for over 50 years! Handwired in England,...

$ 1,899.00 $ 1,699.00

Used Friedman Amplification Runt 20 Guitar Head Amplifier
Friedman tone in a convenient smallbox head package, this is the new Runt 20 powered by two EL-84s. The Runt is special because it’s the first Friedman to offer a...

$ 1,199.00

Used Bogner Ecstacy Head Electric Guitar Amplifier with Roadcase
Used Bogner Ecstacy Head Electric Guitar Amplifier with Roadcase
If you pop a Bogner Ecstacy out at gigs or the studio, people know you mean business. This is a pre-owned and in very good condition Ecstacy with a hard...

$ 3,199.00 $ 2,699.00

Used Markbass R500 500W Bass Amp Head and 104HR 4x10" Cabinet
Here's a great deal for a gigging bassist looking to pick up a lightweight but still powerful rig at an affordable price - a Markbass R500 500 watt bass head...

$ 1,299.00

Used Henriksen JazzAmp 312 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier
Here is a pre-owned JazzAmp 312 amp in very good condition with some light wear to the tolex, and a dent in the wood on the front bottom of the...

$ 899.00

1973 Hiwatt DR103 100 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head and SE4123 4x12" Fane-Loaded Speaker Cabinet
Perhaps one of, if not the Holy Grail of 1970's British guitar amplifiers: this is a 1973 Hiwatt DR103 100-watt head paired with a Hiwatt SE4123 4x12" cabinet with Fane...

$ 5,499.00

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