Used Bogner Shiva EL34 80 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head
Looking for an amp that will make your overdrive sound like you're swinging around a bag of bricks? This is an awesome sounding pre-owned Bigner Shiva in its standard EL34 incarnation. The EL34s give the amp 80 watts of power, with two footswitchable channels between clean and drive, with a...

$ 1,599.00

Used Orange Custom Shop Retro 50 Handwired Guitar Amplifier Head
Here we have some handwired goodness from Orange Amplifiers, a pre-owned Orange Custom Shop Retro 50 head, a 1-channel amplifier offering 50 watts class AB or 30 watts Class A of sparkling, punchy British Rock tones. The amp is in excellent condition with no wear to be seen on the...

$ 1,499.00

Used Emery Sound Micro Baby 1-Watt Head and 1x10" Cabinet
This is a pre-owned Emery Sound Microbaby amplifier along with a mahogany 1x10" cabinet loaded with a Weber Blue Pup speaker. The Microbaby is a perfect recording companion, with a very low 1-2 watt output that is excellent for cranking up for natural tube overdrive and compression without blowing out...

$ 1,150.00

Used 2003 Carr Mercury Guitar Combo 1x12 Amplifier Black
Want that tube amp warmth and tone in your bedroom or apartment without having the authorities called on you? This is a great choice - a pre-owned Carr Mercury combo amplifier. This amp drives eight watts into a 12-inch Kingpin 60 speaker. The Mercury has a built in 4-position attenuator...

$ 1,499.00

Used Victory Amplification V412S 4x12 Guitar Amp Speaker Cabinet
Used Victory Amplification V412S 4x12 Guitar Amp Speaker Cabinet
This lightly used Victory Amplification V412S speaker cabinet is handbuilt in England using redwood pine for the cabinetry and Baltic birch ply for its back and baffles, the latter of which is angled 12-degrees for projection. Speakers are 12-inch Celestion V30s and the cabinet's impedence is 16 ohms, and power...

$ 999.00 $ 899.00