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Jan 17


The Music Zoo will be stocking some Aristides guitars this year in 2011.  These are all-new guitars from Holland (like their lead endorser, Adrian Vandenberg, pictured here) that employ a special molded material called Arium for the body, with carbon reinforcements throughout.  They are perfectly balanced, light, and strong.  In fact the body creation process is so exact that every guitar weighs precisely 8.4 lbs.  The guitars use high quality components throughout, and we’re looking forward to offering them at The Zoo this year.

3 Responses to “Adrian Vandenberg And Aristides Guitars”

  1. Bobby DeAngelis says:

    Tommy whats the price for this monster. Thanks Bobby D (Boston)

  2. Jazz Site says:

    That guitar looks sleek and cool. Its attributes are very impressive to say the least. The Aristides are balanced and strong. Very nice indeed.


  3. Bart van Delden says:

    Since last Friday I can call myself owner of an Aristides Black 010. This is not a gimmick guitar, they’re really worth the price. I play guitar for more than 25 years and I thought that no guitar could compete with my PRS. Since Friday I know better. As a Dutchman I say it with a little pride. The tone is awesome and the playability is very good. There’s only one thing I can’t really understand. How can an Amsterdam company make something with the name 010? That’s a terrible mistake Aristides. This should be 020!!! But you have to be Dutch to understand this. Try one and don’t think about wood and composite wars. As Adrian Vandenberg says: “Just try this.”

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