Seymour Duncan Antiquity Neck Humbucker Pickup (Nickel)
The pickups are built to traditional standards, each has its own character and DC resistance, just like the originals. Included is a front-tapered mounting ring and the screws that go with it. The pickup is not wax potted, which retains the vintage sound and appearance. Crafted by hand in the...

$ 145.00

Seymour Duncan YJM Hi-Speed Volume Pot (250k)
When Yngwie Malmsteen turned to Seymour Duncan to improve and refine his pickups, it made sense to refine another important part of his playing; his volume pot.With his highly refined technique and exacting attention to sound, Yngwie employs the volume pot to take complete control of his phrasing dynamics. He...

$ 15.00

Seymour Duncan SH-5 Custom Humbucker (Black)
Beefed up patent applied for tone for a hard-driving sound with the right balance of power, sustain, and distortion. This pickup cuts through with a distinctive high end and midrange attack. The ceramic magnet and custom coil design give it compressed dynamics, an enhanced harmonic structure, and a punchy bass....

$ 79.00

Seymour Duncan TB-59 Trembucker Bridge Pickup (Black)
The TB-59 is identical to the Seymour Duncan SH-1 59 bridge pickup but with added string space.

$ 79.00

Seymour Duncan TB-4 JB Trembucker Pickup (Black)
The world's most popular humbucker. Provides slammin' output while retaining singing highs, aggressive harmonics, and just the right blend of sustain and distortion. Goes from sweet warm tones to raw rock 'n' roll. Compared to the SH-14 Custom 5, the JB has a stronger treble detail. Some players use it...

$ 79.00

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Single Coil P-Bass Pickup
This single-coil pickup design from Seymour Duncan is modeled after ones found in the early Telecaster single coil P-Bass. It features four alnico magnets for that classic tone. Each coil is wound with plain enamel magnet wire and protected with wax coated string. Hookup wire is the classic "push back"...

$ 89.00

Seymour Duncan SDBR-1N Duckbucker Neck Pickup (White)
With a design and a voicing based on Vintage Rails, the Duckbucker incorporates six adjustable pole pieces together with an innovative, split blade design.

$ 85.00

Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Jam Jazzmaster Bridge Pickup
These pickups are faithful replicas of the famous mid-60's Jazzmaster design.

$ 85.00

Seymour Duncan STHR-1b Hot Rails Tele Lead Pickup (Black)
Delivers a fat, full sound with incredible output. The powerful ceramic magnet, two steel blades and over-wound coils all combine to provide a heavy, raw, distorted tone with incredible sustain. Compared to the Little '59, Hot Rails has more output and a chunkier mid-range. Comes in black only with four-conductor...

$ 89.00

Seymour Duncan SPH90-1b Phat Cat P90 Bridge (Nickel)
Originally developed in the Custom Shop for Hamer Guitars, a Phat Cat is an actual single-coil P-90 Soapbar that fits under a humbucker cover and drops into humbucker-equipped guitars. The tone is big and fat, er, phat. It uses two Alnico 2 magnets for more sustain and softer attack. Also,...

$ 89.00

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Duo-Sonic Bridge Pickup
Antiquity Pickups For Duo-Sonic The neck pickups are wound top going with a North magnetic polarity.

$ 85.00

Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Jam Jazzmaster Neck Pickup
These pickups are faithful replicas of the famous mid-60's Jazzmaster design.

$ 85.00

Seymour Duncan Little '59 Telecaster Lead Pickup
This lead pickup is a hybrid. Designed for the Telecaster player who wants to rock, it delivers a warm, smooth tone, reminiscent of an old '59 Patent Applied For humbucker mixed together with a healthy dose of beefed up twang. Comes in black only with four-conductor cable. P.A.F.-voiced single-coil-sized humbucker....

$ 89.00

Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Single Coil P-Bass Pickup
Mimicking the look of the famed Tele Bass, this pickup keeps the traditional look of the '50s and '60s.

$ 89.00

Seymour Duncan SH-16 '59 Custom Hybrid Pickup (Black)
This pickup combines Seymour Duncan's classic warm and lush tones of their '59 pickup with the aggressive, snarly tones of their custom humbuckers.

$ 99.00

Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster Pickup Set
The 1948 pre-Telecaster pickup had an exceptional twangy, "nasal" sound with tremendous sustain. Leo Fender called it the Broadcaster. The STL-1b duplicates this sought-after vintage sound with larger-diameter (.197") pole pieces in a flat pole piece orientation. Compared to the Vintage '54, this pickup has slightly more output and more...

$ 115.00

Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine Livewires Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup Set Nickel
This Dave Mustaine Signature pickup set provides the benefits of an active pickup without sacrificing the famous, organic, "Seymourized" tone. Great for classic rock, punk, garage, thrash, old school metal, nu-metal, black metal and other heavy rock and aggressive music styles. The active preamp allows higher gain and more output...

$ 209.00

Seymour Duncan Blackouts Coil Pack Pickups and Modular Preamp Set (Zebra)
The genre-defining crunch and wail of modern heavy rock guitar often comes from active guitar pickups, which have a built-in, battery-powered preamp epoxy-sealed into a stark black casing. It's a distinctly modern sound married to a patently modern look. Now, for the first time, you can make any pickup an...

$ 205.00

Seymour Duncan Custom Shop BG-1400 Lead Stack for Tele
Lead Stack® for Telecaster®. Also known as the Pearly Gates™ Esquire® pickup, this brute was built for maximum output and hum-cancellation. This is one of the Custom Shop's most popular Tele™ replacement pickups. Note: because this is a Stack, make sure your guitar's pickup cavity has at least .83" clearance....

$ 164.95

Seymour Duncan Antiquity II P-Bass Pickup
These P-Bass® replica pickups feature the look and sound of the '60s tradition. They are perfect for restoring your old instrument and come with a brass bottom plate to help insure ease of mounting. The coils are balanced for noise free performance.

$ 135.00

Seymour Duncan '78 Model Trembucker Pickup (Black)
Custom wound for the Music Zoo in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, the '78 Model pickup is a faithful recreation of the legendary low-output, Alnico 2, P.A.F.-style humbucker that Seymour designed in 1978 for various high-profile artists he was working with at the time. This pickup should not be associated...

$ 159.95

Seymour Duncan RTM Warren DeMartini Humbucker (Black)
Double black w/ logo, spaced for a Floyd Rose. D.C. Resistance: 17.6 K Ohms, Resonant Peak: 4.40 KHz, Magnet Type: Alnico 2 bar, Inductance: 8.83 Henry

$ 179.95

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Bridge Humbucker Pickup (Gold)
Like the neck position model, the bridge position humbucker is a faithful replica of the great sounding "patent applied for" humbuckers that Seth E. Lover designed in 1955. The pickup comes with slight variations in DC resistance, just like the old ones. The bridge pickup is wound a little hotter...

$ 145.00

Seymour Duncan Antiquity JB Bridge Pickup (Aged Nickel)
We're excited to offer these custom designed, hand-made exclusive pickups from Seymour Duncan!

$ 179.99

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Jazz/JB Humbucker Pickup Set (Zebra)
One of the most popular combinations of Seymour Duncan pickups, a JB in the bridge with a Jazz in the neck.

$ 279.00

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Jazz/JB Humbucker Pickup Set (Black)
One of the most popular combinations of Seymour Duncan pickups, a JB in the bridge with a Jazz in the neck.

$ 279.00

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Delay Effects Pedal
For the true pedal-nerd, the Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail is the real-deal delay pedal. The all-analog design of this pedal uses the famed Bucket Brigade chip providing the delay tones with warmth, creating full sound with delay times of up to 600ms. A unique feature of this pedal is its...

$ 179.00

Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Firebird Bridge Pickup (Nickel)
Seymour Duncan drew inspiration for this pickup from seeing Steve Winwood play a Firebird at a concert back in Cincinnati, and hearing how it sounded amazing, thinking it was kind of like a cross between a single coil and a humbucker. This pickup is similar to the mini-humbucker, but without...

$ 145.00

Seymour Duncan Dave Murray Loaded Pickguard
Who does more with a Strat than the guitarists of Iron Maiden? Now you can have that versatility as well, with the new Seymour Duncan Dave Murray Loaded Pickguard. This guard is wired up with a Hot Rails bridge and neck pickup, and a JB Jr. in the middle position,...

$ 365.00

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Single-Coil Pickup (Black)
This is the Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound single-coil pickup with flat poles. This is a great pickup for giving your single-coil tone a bigger, fatter sound thanks to the big Alnico 5 magnets. The Quarter Pounds have lots of sparkle and sustain, and will fit into any guitar routed for...

$ 59.00

Seymour Duncan Prewired Classic Fully Loaded Pickguard
The Classic Fully Loaded pickguard from Seymour Duncan offers plenty of great tone with minimal maintenance.

$ 329.00

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