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SG At The Music Zoo

The Gibson SG is one of the most recognizable guitars in the entire musical instrument landscape today. Originally spawned due to poor Les Paul sales, the SG, (specifically the SG Standard) has become the best-selling Gibson guitar of all time! The Music Zoo makes sure to keep plenty of SGs in stock, from Custom Shop reissues, to no frills USA Standards, and even value packed Epiphone examples. Sleeker and slimmer than it's Les Paul cousin, the SG is beloved by players of all genres, and it's versatility is impressive. Many legendary artists have made the SG their main axe - including Angus Young of AC/DC, The Who's Pete Townshend, and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath.

SG History

The SG as we know it today originally hit the scene in 1961 - but it still bore the Les Paul name for the first two years of it's existence. Les Paul sales plummeted in 1960, and Gibson re-designed the guitar in 1961, without bothering to let Les know. Les hated the new design, and they amicably ended their partnership by the end of 1962, when the guitar was renamed the "SG" or "Solid guitar".

Unlike the single cut, carved top Les Paul, the SG was much more ergonomic - it's solid mahogany body was contoured and had a double cutaway design, and was usually loaded up with a pair of humbuckers or P-90s, though some examples boasted a 3 pickup configuration. It also had a much slimmer neck than the Les Paul's of the prior few years. The SG was most often seen in a cherry finish with a black pickguard, shaped differently depending on the year and the model. Up until 1966, the "half" pickguard was used, then afterwards the full "batwing" pickguard appeared, along with a new neck joint. These two stylings, 61-66 and 67-69 are what most of today's models and reissues hearken back to.

The early SG Juniors and SG Specials were generally the stripped down, P-90 variants, while the SG Standard was humbucker equipped, and the SG Custom often used a trio of humbuckers and featured a white finish with gold hardware. Gibson also used the Maestro vibrato tailpiece on several SG models. The '70s birthed several odd yet endearing SG models, including the SG-100 and SG-200, followed by the SG-I, SG-II and SG-III. The SG Pro and mini-humbucker loaded SG Deluxe also saw some success during this decade. Aside from the all walnut-wood "The SG" of 1979, and the rare Moog electronic equipped SG-R1 or SG Artist, from the late '70s on, the SG lineup was simplified and models up until this day have followed the lead of the original '60s era examples.

The Music Zoo is an authorized Gibson guitar dealer, and our used inventory is packed to the brim! Our Gibson SG guitars are individually photographed and weighed, and undergo a rigorous inspection by our team of technicians, so you can be sure that wood grain you just fell in love with will look the same when it arrives at your doorstep, and the guitar will be ready to play right out of the case. Make your next Gibson SG purchase online at The Music Zoo, or visit our New York showroom to shop today!