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Jan 19


The first Telecaster guitar rolled off the assembly line in 1951, and since then has been an indispensable tool for guitarists in all genres of music.  Country, rock and roll, punk, blues, funk, and every other creative genre all owe a debt to the sound of the “Tele”.  For 2011, the 60th Anniversary of the Telecaster, Fender is releasing 12 different USA-made Telecasters that span the spectrum of Telecaster styles over the years, from classic designs like the Rosewood Telecaster, made famous by George Harrison in the ’60s, to modern classics like the Cabronita Telecaster.  Some of these models were previously available only as Custom Shop models, so the appearance of a USA version is very exciting.  Around every month starting in March a new Telecaster will be released, and all of these will be available through The Music Zoo.  Follow the jump for the run down, month by month.

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March  – Modern Thinline Telecaster, Olympic White – Similar to the ’90s Tele Thinline, this is a thinline with modern hardware and appointments.  $1,799.99


March – Flame Top Telecaster, Antique Burst – An American Standard Tele in Antique Burst with gold hardware and a flame maple top – classy!  $1,799.99


April – Brown’s Canyon Telecaster, Natural – A lacquer Telecaster with a Redwood body made out of wood from an 1890s Northern California Trestle Railway bridge.  Comes with photos and history of the bridge.  Can you say “old wood”?  $1,799.99


May – Empress Telecaster in Vintage White and Honeyburst  (pictured) – Empress is a superlightweight wood with great springy tonal qualities, most of these will weigh under 7 lbs.  Seriously, everyone who picked this up almost threw it through the ceiling.  $1,399.99.


June – ’62 Telecaster Custom, Olympic White – Double-bound with black body binding, a black/white/black pickguard, and pearl block inlays on a Rosewood fretboard.  An elegant two-tone aesthetic!  $1,999.99.

June – ’75 Telecaster, Natural – This is a Telecaster with a iconic ’75 Jazz Bass cosmetic; Maple neck with with black block inlays, black/white/black pickguard, natural Ash body, Jazz Bass knobs, and an arm contour.  Interesting mix of Fender design cues.  $1,799.99.


July – Cabronita Telecaster, 2-Tone Sunburst (pictured) and Black – We are big fans of the Custom Shop Cabronita at The Music Zoo, so we are excited for this USA edition.  TV Jones pickups meet a slab body for big, true tone.  $1,799.99.

August – Lamboo Telecaster, Natural – Made entirely of laminated Bamboo, i.e. “Lamboo”, this Telecaster hits all the right marks on the green/sustainability front.  We think it hits the mark on the visual front too, with the shell pickguard and matching binding contrasting beautifully with the natural color of the Bamboo.  $1,399.99.


September – Indiana Barn ’52 Telecaster, Whitewash – This ’52 is made from over 100 year old pine that was salvaged from a barn in Indiana.  Another cool use of old wood, we love that kind of stuff.  $1,799.99.


October – Lite Rosewood Telecaster, Natural – Based on the famous 1960s solid Rosewood Tele.  The body is a rosewood top and back with a core of dark stained spruce in the middle.  Get the look of the iconic Rosewood Telecaster without the big cost of a solid Rosewood body.  $1,899.99.


November – Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster, Butterscotch Blonde – A Vintage Hot Rod Telecaster with a full humbucker in the neck and a new brass bar bridge design that is 100% intonatable.


December – Mahogany Telecaster, Natural – A contoured natural oil finished humbucking Mahogany Telecaster with a ‘carmelized’ maple neck for increased stability.  We like this straight forward no-paint design, and also that pickguard is really cool.  $1,499.99.

30 Responses to “Fender Tele-Bration 2011 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Guitars”

  1. Craig Fish says:

    Very cool, I would be happy with any one of them, but the Thinline and the Rosewood and Lamboo are my favs.

  2. SquidTurbo says:

    Great pictures, I’m curious what a redwood telecaster would sound like.

  3. Amaryllis says:

    Yesss – Great Pic’s, the 62 custom with Block Inlays. Hum-Yum.

  4. harry says:

    how many are being built? i think the pine tele is way to much money crazy price

  5. Jazz Site says:

    This is pretty awesome about the history of this guitar. It looks incredible and I know that it sounds magnificent. I like the Olympic White kind.


  6. Joe Radovic says:

    Was fortunate to play the Mahogany Telecaster, Natural at length at the Winter NAMM 20011 and it sounded and felt wonderful. The assembly was a little short but suspected it was a last minute effort to meet the NAMM deadline. The nut wasn’t centered, fret edge was sharp but that all could be solved. Both pickups are keepers and overall had twang and growl. Mojo off the wall. This is on my list. Also, the Lamboo & 62 Olympic were champs.

  7. Nice collection of Teles but I liked the 52 hot rod the rosewood tele looks nice and the Lamboo and the flame top are very nice looking guitars but the price is a bit to high for most of them for production models and not Custom Shop

  8. Tony says:

    I like the Mahogany Telecaster, Natural. Too many cool guitars to chose from. I am looking forward to the 2011 Fender Tele-Bration.

  9. Tim says:

    All these with the exception of the pine will be limited to 500. The pine will be limited to 300.

  10. Jeff M says:

    There is no price posted on the November – Vintage Hot Rod 52

  11. Art says:

    Prettty Cool. all of these look absolutey beautiful. Any word about yet about the 201 STRATS?

    Should I go ahead and buy a 2010 Strat or wait a few weeks or a month or so for the new line of 2011.

    I’ve waited this long so I can wait a little longer if need be, Just am wondering if the 2011 is woth waiting for, you know.


  12. Robert says:

    Just bought the Flame Top model yesterday. :)
    First one sold in this area.

  13. Robert says:

    Just located A Brown’s Canyon. These Guitars are great!!!

  14. Robert says:

    Just put an order in for all 12. Was informed the Indiana Barn ’52 may not be issued. Apparently they are having trouble withpine for a solid body.

  15. dougie-d says:

    I really dig the 75 and the Rosewood. Maybe if I have enough $$$ by the time they come out, I’ll buy one.

  16. Pierre C says:

    If the road you’re traveling is unfamiliar, just go via Brown’s Canyon! That’s the way I would go!!!
    MAN! They’re all so pretty!!

  17. HC says:

    Is there an American Deluxe rosewood telecaster coming out?

  18. Michael says:

    found and bought a Redwood tele….sounds amazing… literally vibrates in your hands with the slightest playing…TONE MACHINE…beautiful build….seams are perfect….wood finish is magnificent….she won’t leave the music room but will get played daily!!!

  19. Wilbur says:

    There is no issue with the pine tele bodies. Whoever said that is misleading everyone. Fact is they used reclaimed wood from an old barn and there is no more 100 y.o. pine available to them at the moment. They made 300 of the Barn ’52 reissue. I have one and it is sweet!!!!!!

  20. Wilbur says:

    Also, FYI> The 100 y.o. pine wood is dried out…there isn’t any sap in it…

  21. Jerry Murphy says:

    The Lamboo is just Eye-Poppin’ Gorgeous!!

  22. Jerry Murphy says:

    for custom shop guitars,these are nicely priced.thank you, fender!! :)

  23. Kypros says:

    @Jerry, they’re not Custom Shop models. Just regular USA Fenders.

  24. Robert says:

    Lamboo is second to none in the looks department

  25. Bee Bee Gunz says:

    I have the 60th Anniversary model from 2011 made before these ‘afterthoughts’ were produced

  26. Sean says:

    What a great year for Telecasters.

  27. Michael Boyd says:

    Just bought the ’52 Hot Rod. HOT DAMN!! I have owned several Tele’s, and this one takes the Cake. It vibrates like it was alive… A little lighter than my Natural Ash. This baby has a vibe like no other… The Duncan Humbucker’s tone is HUGE!! Big thanks to Fender on this one.

  28. Roy says:

    How do I order a 52 hot rod from you?

  29. ZooKeeper says:

    Roy – contact sales@themusiczoo.com, or call us at 516-626-9292.

  30. Miguel says:


    I own a Telecaster 60th anniversary but I don’t know if it fits any of these. It looks like the “Indiana Barn ’52 Telecaster, Whitewash” but I don’t think it is, is it possible it’s a regular American Telecaster with the 60th anniversary brand? How can I be sure? Is there a special serial number? Mine starts with US11

    Regards, Miguel.

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