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Nov 18

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The late ’70s and early ’80s were an exciting time to be a guitar builder. The new breed of guitar heroes didn’t want tradition anymore, they wanted innovation, looks, and performance. A handful of electric guitar builders like Charvel, Valley Arts, and Schecter were heeding that call with new, wild guitars and pickups. A lot of those guitars were built one at a time – true custom orders – helping to create the handmade mystique of the southern California hot rod guitar.

Unfortunately, many “custom shops” in the guitar industry today are just as much glorified production lines as they are a home for innovation and one-offs. But we recently got to visit a shop that took us right back to those glory days. The opening of the brand new Schecter USA Custom Shop in Sun Valley, CA in 2013 marks the return to the passion and handmade mystique of those early days of southern California rock and roll, and with it brings some very modern guitars and production techniques only dreamed of in the ’70s. Join us as we get an exclusive inside look at Schecters exciting new 14,000 square foot USA Custom Shop.


3 Responses to “Factory Tour: Schecter Custom Shop”

  1. terry g says:

    The Schecter tour was great, thanks for posting that! Much more interested in Schecters now, and very happy to see the US customs back in the world.

  2. Jack Taromino says:

    Hi Folks, this was by far the most impressive tour I have ever seen! I,m in Rochester New York which has the House of Guitars and Guitar Center and yes downstate Music Zoo. Well I admitt I am in the market for a new not guitar but guitars and I,m Totally sold on the Schecter not just Custom but the imported ones which I will be shopping for. I quality is the highest and all the team members are the best. The attention to detail and all that goes into the guitar till it reaches the customer for me a fussy as I am about buying and taking care of guitars this is my new axe of choice. Thank you Music Zoo for providing this I owe you a drive to visit and do some business with you all signed Jack Taromino.

  3. edward ruffalo says:

    Hi my name is edward ruffalo just bought another schectner ? a s-1+ cherry red flames maple s.0205791 with grover on it what do the sell for and what year is it? my other schecter is a walnut strait with a co a bola neck 1970s its great? thank you

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