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Suhr Amplifiers

Suhr Guitars are an American company that makes some of the highest quality electric guitars available today. Recently, they've branched out into another area that owner John Suhr is obsessed with: amplifiers. Surprising to many, John designs, modifies, and builds amplifiers that are amongst the very best and the most highly sought-after in the world.

Jim Kelley Amplifiers Single Channel Reverb 12 Inch Guitar Amplifier Combo
The Jim Kelley Single Channel Reverb combo is one of the most natural sounding amps we've had here at The Zoo. Featuring all-tube constrution, this amp gets its power from a four 6V6 power section that provides smooth, punchy tones. The active tone controls let you dial in the exact tone you desire, and the half-power switch ensures you'll have no problem getting your sound in any situation. A 12" EVM12L speaker puts out the 60 watts with ease.
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