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Suhr Amplifiers

Suhr Guitars are an American company that makes some of the highest quality electric guitars available today. Recently, they've branched out into another area that owner John Suhr is obsessed with: amplifiers. Surprising to many, John designs, modifies, and builds amplifiers that are amongst the very best and the most highly sought-after in the world.

John Suhr Amplifiers Hedgehog 50 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head
From guitars, to pickups, to amplifiers, Suhr makes some of the finest musical products around, and this Hedgehog amp is no exception. Featuring dual 5881 output tubes putting out 50 watts, this amp features a dazzling array of controls and options to let players dial in their exact tone. Adding to the professional features is the MIDI programmability, letting players get real all-tube tune with the ease of programming previously only seen in modellers and emulators. Selectable 4, 8, and 16 ohm outputs guarantee you'll have no problem plugging in at any gig.
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John Suhr Amplifiers Hedgehog Guitar Speaker Cabinet
This cab from Suhr packs a powerful sound that will fill the room! This sturdily built cab comes equipped with two 12" Celestion G12-65 speakers for plenty of serious mid-range "punch" and clarity.
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John Suhr Corso Esher 5-Watt Recording Amplifier Head
Housed in a beautiful 7-Ply Multi-Wood Headshell with a laser cut "Esher" front grill, the Suhr Corso 5-watt amplifier gives your studio or bedroom everything you need to get hi-gain tube sound at manageable volumes. A power attenuator allows you to adjust your overall volume without ever compromising your tone. This can be used in conjunction with the drive control to get anywhere from complex and detailed clean tones to harmonically rich overdriven sounds.

Four tone switches on the Corso alter the tonal characteristic of your sound in a natural way. These include a Bright switch for a crystal clear top end, a Mid switch that will beef up the low mids, a Gain switch which adds 12dB of gain, increasing sustain and emphasizing upper harmonics, a Presence switch which boosts certain midrange frequencies to improve definition in a mix, and a Deep switch which will emphasize your bottom end. When used in conjunction with the basic Bass and Treble controls, you can really zone in on the sound you’re looking to record. Also to help with the recording process, an unbalanced ¼” Line Out makes it easy to send the full sound of the Corso, both pre-amp and power amp sections, conveniently into a recording device or mixer.
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