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Danelectro Guitars

Danelectro was one of the original settlers on the electric guitar landscape of the 1950's, and continues today with a exciting new product line. The iconic Danelectro has figured prominently in the history of Rock and Roll, being seen and heard in the hands of greats like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and hundreds of others, making it one of the most important guitar brands of the 20th Century. The Danelectro approach has always been one of thrifty, simple construction designed to produce big, pure tone. In 2006, new ownership launched a much-improved series of retro-style Danelectro guitars and basses, once again giving musicians the world over a "real Dano" at a great price.

Danelectro D59M-NOS Electric Guitar Orange
Danelectros are known for being bright, dare we say twangy guitars that have been used extensively by many great players, particularly Jimmy Page. They might be inexpensive, but we'll let their legacy do the talking. Anyway, the D59M-NOS is essentially the company's flagship 59DC guitar but with 15-year-old lipstick pickups that were originally lost in shipping. Whether it was aging of the Alnico magnets or the type of magnets used back then, it's not certain but these lipsticks are super twangy and punchy. Hence the NOS designation in the model number. With these pickups its like having the ultimate 59 DC Danelectro!
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