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Fender Custom Shop Guitars

Since 1987, the Fender Custom Shop has been a "dream factory" producing guitars that are to playing what Ferraris are to driving. The skilled craftsmen in Fender's Corona, Calif., Custom Shop are known worldwide for their artistry in making guitars that range from the fine to the fantastic. Whether it's building a new custom instrument from the ground up or modifying an existing one, their best is the best. Fender Custom Shop instruments have been crafted for and with the input of the world's finest players; names like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, James Burton, Robert Cray, David Gilmour, Pete Townshend and Jimmy Vaughan, to name just a few. One could be yours. The Music Zoo is one of the top independent Fender Custom Shop dealers in the world All the guitars pictured here are in stock and individually photographed. Please note: we will ship Fender® Custom Shop products within the United States only.

 Fender Custom Shop ’58 Stratocaster Closet Classic Masterbuilt by Todd Krause Electric Guitar Metallic Black
From the mind of Masterbuilder Todd Krause comes this amazing '58 Metallic Black Strat. This one features a highly figured maple neck and Todd's signature Mega-Switching option. Great-playing guitar from one of Fender's leading builders!
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2004 Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Todd Krause 50th Anniversary '54 Stratocaster 2-Tone Sunburst Relic Electric Guitar - Used
A great throwback to one of the originators - we have here a pre-owned 50th Anniversary '54 Strat, built by the talented Todd Krause in 2004. The guitar is built to look and feel just like an original '54 would, including an ash body, "U" shaped maple neck with 21 vintage-size frets and a 7.25" radius, 25.5" scale length, three Custom Wound '54 Strat pickups, 1-ply pickguard, and vintage-style tuners.

The guitar has a relic finish which gives it finish checking throughout the body and some light tarnishing to give the hardware a cool vibe. The guitar has some dings throughout the body which are a bit tough to distinguish from the intentional relic work. There is one paint chip on the back of the lower horn. The guitar has had the modern 5-way switch installed, however it does include a vintage-style 3-way switch if you want to really keep things vintage accurate. This is an awesome Strat for someone who wants that chunky '54 neck shape along with a vintage feel and sweet Strat chime.
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2005 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition ’56 Stratocaster Relic Electric Guitar Taos Turquoise - Used
This is a pre-owned Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition '56 Strat Relic in a very blue Taos Turquoise finish. The guitar features a maple neck with a period-correct "V" profile that fits squarely in your hand. The body is lightweight ash and pickups are handwound by the famous Abigail Ybarra (who has been with Fender since the '50s). these pickups, dubbed Abby Red Hots, have a more aggressive sound than you'd find in a vintage Strat. This one weighs in at 6lbs 10oz! Super-resonant and one of the finer playing Custom Shop pieces we've had.
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2006 Fender Custom Shop '59 Stratocaster Relic and Pro Jr. Amplifier Set Dakota Red - Used
What's cooler than a relic Dakota Red Stratocaster? A Dakota Red Stratocaster with a matching Dakota Red Fender Pro Junior amplifier. We're loving the matching aesthetic of this pre-owned Limited Edition '59 Strat and Amp set made by the Custom Shop in 2006. The Strat is built with an alder body, a "C" shaped maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, 25.5" scale length, 9.5" fretboard radius, 21 narrow jumbo frets, three Fat '50s single-coil Strat pickups with a RW/RP middle pickup for hum-cancelling in the 2 and 4 positions, 5-way pickup switch, a vintage synchronized tremolo, vintage-style tuner tuners, and aged nickel/chrome hardware.

The Pro Junior amp brings us back to Rock and Roll basics with all-tube circuitry and simple Volume and Tone controls that allow you to just plug in, and let the natural tone of the Fat '50s pickups shine through. The amplifier is a small 15 watts with a 10" speaker, more than enough for home playing, and getting a great overdrive tone without shaking the floorboards. The set is in excellent condition, with all wear being original to how the amp and guitar looked when they left the Custom Shop.
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2007 Fender Custom Shop 20th Anniversary Strat Electric Guitar Closet Classic Candy Apple Red - Used
Here we have a pre-owned 2007 Fender Custom Shop 20th Anniversary Stratocaster in Candy Apple Red. This guitar has a Closet Classic aging, with light checking on the finish, but no heavy relic’ing. The guitar is in excellent condition, and it plays great! These anniversary guitars were Masterbuilt with the most common requests that are brought to Fender’s Custom Shop. Features include a lightweight ash body, a 1965 C-shaped maple neck with tinted lacquer, a dark Indian rosewood Round laminated fretboard with 21 - 6105 Dunlop frets and a 9.5" Radius, locking Schaller Tuners, a 1966 Big Peg headstock, and a Custom Classic bridge. Pickups include a Custom Shop ’69 single-coil in the neck, a reverse wound/reverse polarity Custom Shop ’69 single coil in the middle, and a Texas Special in the bridge. With an engraved 20th Anniversary neckplate and a Masterbuilt Limited Edition case, this guitar is certainly something special, in need of the right owner.
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2013 Fender Custom Shop '59 Telecaster NOS Top-Loader Electric Guitar Orange - Used
This pre-owned, 2013 Telecaster is a '59 reissue from Fender Custom Shop, and it's in excellent condition. The guitar has an ash body and a maple neck with a "U" profile and 9.5" radius. Pickups are a Broadcaster in the bridge and a Twisted Tele at the neck. Other features are 6105 frets and vintage nickel tuners. The bridge is top-loading. The guitar's white pickguard has been changed to a relic'd black guard. Comes with its original hardshell case, paperwork, and a certificate of authenticity.
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Fender '51 Nocaster Limited Relic Electric Guitar Butterscotch Blonde - Used
This Fender '51 Nocaster is built with an ash body with a lacquer finish given an NOS treatment. The body is fitted with a maple neck with a nitrocellulose, a '60s oval "C"-shape, tall narrow 6105 fretwire, and a 9.5" radius. The pickups include a hot-rodded Twisted Tele single-coil neck position pickup and a '51 Nocaster single-coil in the bridge position. This guitar is pre-owned, but in excellent condition. It comes with the original case, and certificate of authenticity.
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Fender Boracha Electric Guitar Black - Used
The Fender "Boracha" pays homage to it's inspiration; the Jazzmaster. in creating this lovely guitar the luthiers at Fender began creating this beauty by period-correcting the nitro finish nickel hardware, and later relic-ing the guitar for its truly unique look. Then they packed in a TV Jones Powertron pickup to give you a plethora of gorgeous tones. It is the unique look and modern playability and components give this guitar a lively essence. The nitrocellulose lacquer finish is thinner than most modern finishes, for enhanced resonance and tonality. The 1-piece maple neck and fingerboard, with 9.5" radius for a "just right" feel. Lastly, the 6105 medium-jumbo frets allow bigger string bends without fretting out. It is the combination of these features that make the Fender "Boracha" a truly special guitar.
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Fender Custom '61 Strat Ultimate Relic Ash Jason Smith Masterbuilt Electric Guitar White - Used
This here Strat's been relic'd and then some. It's a pre-owned Masterbuilt (by Jason Smith) 1961 Stratocaster from Fender Custom, and, dare we say it, it's in excellent condition for a guitar that left the factory more or less trashed. But we love that! Masterbuilt pickups, an oval "C" shape neck profile. What else ya want?
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Fender Custom Shop '60 Stratocaster NOS Electric Guitar Black - Used
This pre-owned Fender Custom Shop ’60 Strat features gold hardware and pearl tuners. It has taken a fall off a guitar hook and has some substantial cosmetic damage; including a gash on the fretboard, 3 dings on the top, a handful of dings on the back of the neck, and 3 gashes on the back of the guitar. Please see pictures for details.

Features include an alder body, maple neck, 21 vintage frets, 25.5” scale length, 7.25” fretboard radius, and 3 60’s Strat single-coil pickups. This guitar has been given the “New Old Stock” (NOS) treatment - built (from original tooling) as if bought new in its respective model year and brought forward in time. It has a nice snappy tone with a great feeling neck.
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Fender Custom Shop '64 Stratocaster Closet Classic Electric Guitar 3-Tone Sunburst
Those 1964 Stratocasters in three-color sunburst are, in our humble opinions, super badass sexy guitars, and this 1964 Closet Classic Strat from Fender’s Custom Shop is proof positive. The “Closet Classic” models replicate what a vintage guitar would be like if it was sitting in its case in a closet for decades. Likely it would have subtle weather checking but otherwise appear very lightly played. That’s the case with this ’64 model. In all respects, it’s identical to an actual 1964 Strat; select alder body finished in nitrocellulose laquer, an early ’60s C-shaped maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and very curvaceous 7.25” radius, hand-wound pickups, and a mint green pickguard among other great things. It’s nice and lightweight, and plays and sounds wonderful right out of the box. Comes with period-correct brown hardshell case, Custom Shop tool kit, cable and strap, and certificate of authenticity.
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Fender Custom Shop '69 Strat Electric Guitar White - Used
This pre-owned 1969 Strat from the Fender Custom Shop is in excellent condition all around. It’s as if Jimi walked into Manny’s Music on a lovely Spring day and pulled one off the wall and put it into your loving arms. “Hey, my name is Jimi and I’m gonna play a song for you, dig it, and then you can have my guitar, cool cool dig.” This is a great playing, sounding Strat, representative of everything that makes the almighty Stratocaster a template for all others. Consider, those brilliant overtones and harmonics, the top-end shimmer, sparkle, the throaty honk of that front pickup. This particular guitar, built in 1997, is a Closet Classic edition and its U-shaped neck bears a dark rosewood fretboard that feels great under the fingers. Its Olympic White alder body is finished in urethane. Comes with a boatload of goodies, including a strap, cable, bridge cover, certificate of authenticity, and a period-correct original hardshell case.
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Fender Custom Shop 1956 Stratocaster Time Machine Heavy Relic Aged Candy Apple Red Electric Guitar
This ’56 Stratocaster from Fender Custom Shop is part of their new Time Machine Series guitars that, as Fender describes, "Are artfully ‘relic-ed’ guitars and basses that revolutionized the entire concept of ‘reissue.’”

"Revolutionized" is a big, heavy, juicy verb to be throwing around, but in this case we won't call the semantics police. Apparently, Fender Custom used original tools and techniques that were deployed in creating those original vintage ’50s and ’60s Stratocasters. To wit, the 1956 Time Machine Strat, pictured here in Candy Apple Red, indeed feels and behaves like a great, worn-in, bruised, and lovingly abused old guitar.

As Fender describes further, “Few guitars are as inspiring as a beat-up original-era Strat. There’s just nothing like it. The Fender Custom Shop wanted to create a Stratocaster that would look, sound and play like a real workhorse; a truly battle-hardened beauty that had survived a lifetime of beer brawls and all-nighters. The result is this gorgeously worn 1956 model, built with power and action that perfectly matches its battered heavy-relic look. It's a guitar that is built for the player to lean into like nobody’s business, with features that include a V-shaped 1956 neck profile with a 9.5”-radius fretboard, 6105 frets, and Master Designed pickups with the classic reverse-wound middle pickup that produces humbucking “in-between” sounds.

Ultimately, it’s a beautiful old-new Stratocaster that has a very old soul, but a renewed spirit.
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Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster NOS Electric Guitar Sunburst - Used
Here's a pre-owned 1999 Fender Custom Shop 1960 NOS Stratocaster in excellent condition. This is one of the early Time Capsule models and it features a three-tone sunburst finish on an alder body with a birdseye and flame-figured maple neck with a dark rosewood fretboard. Pickups are Custom Shop 1960 single-coil types. The guitar has had an afatermarket refret with jumbo frets, and it plays nice and fast across the board. It's lightly dinged with only minor player's wear. The guitar comes with a molded, form-fitted Fender case and does not have its paperwork or certificate.
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Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster Ice Blue Relic - Used
This is a pre-owned Telecaster from Fender Custom Shop in excellent condition. The guitar was a NAMM 2012 show piece, and its show-worthy uniqueness was apparent to us when we first encountered it. It has an Ice Blue Metallic finish with a great patina that bespeaks the great aging work of Fender Custom. Basic features include an ash body, a quartersawn maple neck with a rosewood fretboard and a mid-60s "C" shape profile. The radius is 9.5" and frets are medium jumbo. Lastly, the guitar has special 1963 Tele pickups.
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Fender Custom Shop 1964 Closet Classic Jazzmaster Electric Guitar Sonic Blue
The Fender Custom Shop Anniversary 1964 Closet Classic Jazzmaster signifies the revival of a legendary model amongst Fender's lineup. From the large C-shaped neck and vintage-style tremolo system, to that signature Jazzmaster sound, this guitar surely turns heads. With Fender's deeply rooted history in Southern California, no instrument epitomizes the quintessential “surf” guitar more than the Fender Jazzmaster.
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Fender Custom Shop 60th Anniversary '54 Heavy Relic Stratocaster Electric Guitar 2-tone Sunburst
A game-changing year for Fender, 1954 produced a guitar that would send the guitar-music world on a tidal-wave, releasing the Fender Stratocaster. Honoring the Stratocaster’s debut model year, Fender pays homage to the guitar's beginnings with this gorgeous relic'd rendition of the '54 Strat. Fender pays tribute in the right way, garsnishing the guitar with year-specific hardware and model specifics to re-create this amazing guitar. Features include modern five-way pickup switching, a single-ply white pickguard, synchronized tremolo bridge with six “patent pending” saddles and serial number-stamped trem plate, vintage-style tuners and nickel-chrome hardware. Lastly, the three 1954 single-coil Stratocaster pickups deliver that all-original strat tone. If you are aching to relive the beginning of a new guitar era, don't hesitate to play this thing.
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Fender Custom Shop Deluxe Flame Top Stratocaster Electric Guitar Trans Black - Used
This beautiful, pre-owned Stratocaster from Fender's Custom Shop is a Deluxe model with a flame maple top, and finished in Trans Black. It's in excellent condition. The guitar features an Okume body with the aforementioned flame maple top, and a AAA flame maple neck with a dark Indian rosewood fretboard. The neck has a mid '60s oval "C" profile and the fretboard sports a 9.5" radius. Other particulars are medium jumbo frets, Fat '50s pickups and a 5-way switch, Sperzel tuners with pearl buttons, a three-ply parchment pickguard, a Custom Classic tremelo bridge, and a micarta nut.
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