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Used and Vintage Guitars

The Music Zoo maintains a great selection of used guitars, basses, and amplifiers. The guitars pictured here are in stock and individually photographed. Please note: pre-owned/used equipment does not include the manufacturer's warranty. Items are sold as-is. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions at all --we'll be happy to give an in-hand description. Learn more about trades and consignments.

Used 1950s Supro Six-String Doubleneck  Steel Guitar Pearloid White
This is a preowned Valco-made Supro six-tring double neck console steel guitar from the 1950s. Essentially, it's two individual six-string Supro Komet laps that have been conjoined. There are no legs for this instrument so presumably it's meant to rest on one's lap or on a table (or console). The instrument is in overall very good condition and with some parts changes: particularly the original tuners have been replaced and (they're in the case) and the control knobs appear non-original (there's one original knob in the case that matches many pictures on the internet).

The instrument is has a mother-of-pearl toilet seat-like (aka, MOTS) covering on either a wood or phenolic body (some also say the body is Res-o-Glass, essentially fiberglass). On the fretboard are some very cool Art Deco-inspired position markers that resemble crop circles or something otherwordly. Actually the entire guitar is very Deco-like and all of the Supro lap steels are great examples of mid-century modern design. The instrument's pickup is quite unusual as the strings actually go through it. (This is the same pickup that Ry Cooder has attached to the mid-'60s Strat he uses for bottleneck playing). Included with the instrument are its fingerpicks, a bar, plenty of lap steel instruction books and sheet music, and a cord. Please note that Supro lap steels of this era use a proprietary "screw jack" cable rather than a universal 1/4" output jack. The cable in the case works intermittently and has electrical tape on it. A conversion to a standard output jack may be necessary down the line.
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Used 1951 Gibson ES-350 Archtop Electric Guitar Natural
Here's a pre-owned 1951 Gibson ES-350 archtop electric guitar in excellent condition. It's had a hole drilled in the back of the headstock, likely for attaching a guitar strap or hanging on a hook, but it's been expertly filled in and there's very little notice that it once existed. It has a laminated maple top with two parallel braces, and also a laminated maple back and sides. Triple-ply binding exists on the top and back. The neck is two-piece maple with a mahogany strip and a 20-fret bound rosewood fretboard with split parallelogram inlays. Electronics feature two P-90 pickups and two volume controls along with a master tone control. No toggle control exists. Hardware consists of a rosewood pre-set compensating saddle and a trapeze tailpiece with three raised parallelograms. Guitar appears to be all original and includes the original case.
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Used 1954 Gibson L-4 Archtop Acoustic Guitar
This is a pre-owned Gibson L-4 archtop acoustic guitar in excellent condition. Although an L-4 has existed in Gibson's line since the early 20th century, this example is from 1954 and follows the lead set by the L-5 in the early 1920s (the L-5 is credited as being the guitar the "first" archtop jazz guitar). The L-4 borrows many of the L-5s features but was offered at a lower price. It's nonetheless credited as being a superb-playing and sounding instrument favored by many. It's constructed using a carved spruce top, maple back and sides, a mahogany neck and rosewood (Brazilian) fretboard with split parallelogram fret markers. This guitar is plenty loud; add a floating pickup and it gets louder. It's a joy to play and behold.
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Used 1955 Gibson Les Paul Vintage Electric Guitar Goldtop
Here we have an original Gibson Les Paul Model from 1955. The guitar is one of the cleanest we have seen and in totally original condition. The guitar has obviously been well cared for its entire life. It shows faint arm wear on the top edge as well as near the pick guard, only visible when the light hits it just right. You can also feel it faintly, just a bit of orange peel, where the nitro has worn-in slightly. There is a small (but we guess notable) ding on the back of the neck higher up on the bass side. Very minor, but as compared to the rest of the guitar, it is worth mentioning. All electronics and parts appear correct and original. Original hardshell case is included which does show very light wear but is also in excellent condition. The pink interior is as vibrant as ever. Though this guitar appears to have been stored away, we see signs that it was indeed used, but obviously in a controlled setting. It plays wonderfully and sounds awesome. Great depth and woodiness acoustically, and nice resonance. Weighs 8lbs 14oz and is well balanced in your hands. A great collectible that has a lot of soul.
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Used 1956 Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Blonde
This is a vintage 1956 Fender Telecaster guitar in good condition. There is wear throughout the instrument. It has been recently refretted with vintage-style frets (the fretboard has not been re-lacquered), and the guitar has a new nut, and replacement saddles. It's staggered pole-piece bridge pickup has a low output--about 30-percent of its power--due to a broken coil. The wiring harness appears original and electronics work properly aside from the bridge pickup. The guitar feels and plays great. It came to us with a non-original hardshell case from the '70s. Weight is 8 pounds, 2 ounces.
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Used 1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior Singlecut Sunburst
This vintage Gibson Les PaulJunior is in good overall condition. It has all original electronics (P-90 pickups, CTS pots, and bumblebee cap), and original hardware and frets. The original tuners were off the guitar at one point and the holes were widened. They are now reinstalled on the guitar. Further, the instrument's knobs have been replaced on the guitar, as well as the 21st fret dot marker. Overall, the guitar shows quite a bit of wear to its finish, especially on the back, but it has no breaks or repairs to the wood. And let's remember: it plays and sounds fantastic.
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Used 1958 Gibson J-200 Acoustic Guitar Natural Perry Como Owned
This Gibson 1958 J-200 was once owned by the singer Perry Como, and was presented to him as a gift by jazz guitarist Tony Mottolla, who had worked with Como as an accompanist. The instrument is in fantastic condition considering its age and you're not likely to find a 1950s J-200 in such top-notch shape. It features some gorgeous flame maple and a natural finish. The guitar has light checking over most of its surface. There are three small cracks on the top, one by the pickguard and two by the top lower bout. Does not appear they were cleated. There are a few other minor scratches and nicks t the finish but nothing major. Three of the tuning machine buttons are replaced though all six machines are original. This guitar remains a truly solid, vintage instrument; bracing is tight, top and body are in great shape, and it is highly original. Although the instrument was recently serviced, action is low and some light fret buzzing exists in a couple spots. The guitar will likely need fretwork and/or a neck reset, neither of which appear to have ever been done, but we’ll leave this to a future owner to decide on.

The guitar comes with its original Lifton case and also some memorability and paperwork. This includes a letter from Mottolla to Como when the guitar was given to Como. There is a concert program from the '80s signed by Como, and also a publicity photo which serves as a letter to Como's nephew, who eventually became the guitar's owner. Further, the guitar's original strings are included and labeled as such in a separate package.
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Used 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4 Scale Electric Guitar Sunburst
This pre-owned Gibson is a fine example of a vintage LP Junior. The guitar is a student model with a solid Mahogany neck, 3/4 length (22.75") scale, 1.5" nut width, Rosewood fingerboard, and a 3/4 size solid Mahogany body. The guitar may have been professionally refretted, but is in fantastic playing condition. The sunburst finish is all original and shows the great aging and patina you would expect from a vintage instrument. The original P-90 is wired to master volume and tone controls for simple operation. This vintage instrument is in overall very good condition.
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Used 1959 Gibson ES-345 Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar Sunburst
This is a pre-owned 1959 Gibson ES-345 guitar in excellent condition. The original tuners were removed as the buttons were starting to shrink. They were replaced with an original, correct ‘50s set with new Uncle Lou buttons. Shows some checking on its surface as well as light wear/oxidation to the gold plated hardware. Guitar appears all original otherwise. It's a great playing and sounding 345 with a fantastic Tobacco Sunburst finish that has gorgeous yellows and reds fading into very dark brown at the edge. Features include a laminated maple top, back and sides with a maple center block, and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard and split-parallelogram position inlays. Pickups are PAFs with independent volume and tone controls and the famous Gibson six-position "Varitone" pre-set tone switch. Let's not forget the stereo outputs! Ships in original case and includes original tuners.
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Used 1960s Silvertone 1448 Amp-in-Case Guitar and Amplifier
Lo-fi nuts and indie rockers rejoice. Here's an preowned Silvertone 1448 Amp-in-Case guitar and amplifier that dates to the 1960s (these models were made from 1962 to 1968). The amp puts three watts of power into a single five-inch loudspeaker using a single preamp and power tube and a tube rectifier, with only a volume control in the circuit. The guitar is a familiar Danelectro-made semi-hollowbody style in a 3/4 size; a masonite top and bottom with a plywood frame and a poplar center block, a bolt-on maple neck with an 18-fretrosewood fretboard, a single lipstick pickup, and non-adjustable bridge.
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Used 1964 Gibson ES-120T Electric Guitar Sunburst
This is a Gibson ES-120T electric guitar was built in the mid-'60s and its in overal excellent condition for its age. There's some lacquer checking, small chips around the headstock's edges, and a paint chip on the back of the neck near the heel. These guitars, marketed as student models when introduced in the early 1960s, had electronics--including a this single-coil similar to what was used on Gibson's Melody Makers--entirely mounted on the pickguard. The guitar has a laminated maple top and back and mahogany sides. A mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard joins the body at the 14th fret.
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Used 1965 Gibson Byrdland Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst - Used
We have a preowned 1965 Gibson Byrdland guitar in very good condition. The instrument has an added strap button and there's a slight crack by the input jack. That aside, this is a great sounding and playing guitar. This guitar is a thin hollowbody guitar with a shorter 23.5" scale length, maple back and sides, a spruce top, a maple neck with an ebony fretboard, and Alnico V pickups. The appointments are pretty fancy as you can see, with multi-ply binding, headstock inlay work, and gold-plated hardware.
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Used 1965 Gretsch 6120 Electric Guitar Orange
Here in excellent condition is a vintage 1965 Gretsch 6120 guitar. It's been very well maintained, with a neck that's straight and stable, and a body with little signs of wear. Plenty of rockabilly vibe going on here! The leather padding for the instrument's back is in place and in great shape. As for that infamous Gretsch binding that normally eats itself over the years, the binding here is aged noramally and intact acround the guitar's body and neck. The guitar features some very nice-sounding FilterTron pickups (all electronics work fine), the original bar bridge and factory Bigsby tailpiece, and the original mute (which has aged and deteriorated (naturally and typically!). The original frets have plenty of life left in them, too.
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Used 1969 Gibson Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar Goldtop
Here we have a very early, pre-owned 1969 Les Paul Standard Goldtop in excellent condition. It features a one-piece mahogany neck, one piece mahogany body, and a two-piece center-seam maple top. No "Made in the USA" stamp and no neck volute. This is an early ’69 transitional guitar with the larger headstock, blank pre-Deluxe truss rod cover, long neck tenon, original P90 pickups and pot codes that date to the 50th week of 1968. The tuners, knobs and nylon saddle bridge are all original. The hardshell case appears non-original as it is a maroon lining early ‘70s case. These late ‘60s Les Pauls are among the finest produced by Gibson.

The pickup routes show some paint/wood scraped away to accommodate the wiring and screws on the bottom of the pickups, which appear original. As you may recall with later Deluxe models, Gibson installed a metal bar under the mini-humbucker so the humbucker had something to screw into. With this guitar, a small piece of mahogany was tacked into place to raise the pickup and give the screw something to bite into. This may have been done after-market. The bridge pickup mahogany riser has since been removed and a piece of foam now acts as the shim. Otherwise, the solder connections, electronics, and parts all appear original, correct, and untouched. The guitar has light checking as well has a handful of small dings over the surface. It’s in great condition for its age. Case is missing a latch. Overall, this one plays excellent and sounds wonderful.
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Used 1972 Gibson ES-340 TD Electric Guitar Natural
Here's something interesting. It's a pre-owned 1972 Gibson ES-340TDN electric guitar in excellent condition for its age--very clean throughout with the occasional light mark or pick scatch. Gibson built these semi-hollowbody models from 1969 to '74 and they're very similar to the classic ES-335 with the notable exception of having a very rounded three-piece maple neck. Also, the 340's have electronics with individual volume controls, a master tone control, and the remaining pot serving as a pickup "blend" control and a toggle switch for standby mode (i.e., a "kill switch"). These guitars came with a tune-o-matic bridge (with nylon saddles) and a trapeze tailpiece, and also the period-correct Gibson humbucker pickups that are embossed with the Gibson logo.
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Used 1972 Martin D12-28 12 String Acoustic Guitar Natural
This pre-owned Martin is a 12 string version of the famous D-28. The body features a solid Sitka Spruce top and Rosewood back and sides. The fingerboard is made from Ebony and inlaid with Pearl dots. The Ebony bridge features a bone saddle to compliment the 1.875" bone nut. Other features include a multi-ply rosette, multi-ply binding, a 28 style back strip, and vintage style tuners. This instrument is in overall excellent condition.
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Used 1974 Gibson '55 Les Paul Special Reissue Electric Guitar Vintage Sunburst
This 1974 model is the first reissue of the '55 Les Paul Special. Like the original, the guitar features a two tone sunburst finish on the top of the Mahogany, while the back is a Natural gloss. Black P-90s, 4 ply black pickguard, and black tone knobs provide a wonderful contrast. The Rosewood fingerboard features dot inlay and cream binding. All wiring, pickups, and controls are original. The bridge is an All Parts replacement model. This guitar is in overall excellent condition with some typical tiny nicks, pick scratches, and mild buckle rash you would expect from a guitar of this vintage.
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Used 1978 Ibanez Musician MC200NT Electric Guitar Natural
Here's a preowned 1978 Ibanez Musician MC200NT guitar in very good condition save for a ding that goes down to the wood on the back of the neck behind the 17th fret. That aside, this MC200NT is a great example of a late '70s Ibanez: a guitar that many consider to be one of the best built, best playing and sounding guitars out there. It's a neck-through design using an ash/mahogany laminate body, and a five-piece maple and walnut neck with a rosewood fretboard with 24 frets. Other details include Ibanez special design Super 88 humbucker pickups, a Gibralter bridge on an inlaid sustain block, and a slotted tailpiece. The pickups deliver a clean, airy tone that's perfect for rhythm work. Weight is 9 pounds, 8 ounces.
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