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Trades, Consignments, and Selling Your Gear

Buy, Sell, and Trade.  The Music Zoo has over 18 years experience helping customers into new gear and out of old gear, making the experience rewarding and satisfying. Whether you want to consign something and have it listed on the website, leverage our eBay expertise for assistance in selling at auction, or simply sell us a guitar outright for a quick cash turnaround, we can help!



Hundreds of people have consigned their guitars, basses, and amplifiers with us over the years. Our website is seen by thousands of people around the world every day and you'll be sure to get a fair price for your guitar, given a bit of time and patience. Your consignment will also appear in our eBay listings.  Generally we will ask the consignor what they would like to get for the instrument and add our small commission on top of that.  We don't like to pressure our consignors on prices, and don't need to.  As long as you are realistic about what your gear is worth, you'll be a happy camper at the end. If you'd like to get started with consigning something with The Music Zoo, please contact us with a brief description and some pictures if you have them available.



We are happy to discuss trades with you. Let us know what you've got. We will do our best to help you make a deal on a new guitar or amp.  Please understand that it can be difficult  to appraise your instrument over the phone or via email, so please be prepared to bring in your item or send it to the store for a final evaluation.  We love old guitars and amps!  Maybe you're not sure what your gear is worth - we pride ourselves on our honesty and will give you a fair estimate of what we think your item is worth in trade.  Sometimes we all are pleasantly surprised!  Also, please note that we can't always take every single trade that comes our way.  But we'll do our best! Please note: our normal 30 day return policy becomes a 72 hour approval period on any deal that involves a trade as part of the payment for your new item. We'll hold your traded item for this 72 hours to make sure you're completely happy with your new gear.


Sell Us Your Gear

As with trades, if you'd like to sell us something, we can't give you a final value on the item until we see it in person.  Also, we can't always agree to buy everything that we are offered, but we can always talk turkey.  Let us know what you've got in mind.


Important: Insure Your Shipment!

If you're sending us a guitar, bass, amplifier, or anything else, please make sure that you have purchased insurance for the package for its full value.  We cannot be responsible for your property until it arrives at The Music Zoo.  Once it is here, however, it is safe as can be and is insured along with the rest of our inventory. 


If you have any questions about trading, selling, or consigning your equipment, please give us a call or an email.  We'll be happy to discuss it with you.