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Solid Body Electric At The Music Zoo

Solidbody electric guitars and basses span a vast "playing" field - whether you're looking for your first Stratocaster, need to punch through the mix with a P-Bass, want to twang on a Telecaster like a pro, rock-out and riff on a Les Paul or SG, or have the need for speed and a shredworthy Charvel, Ibanez, or Jackson, The Music Zoo's selection of solidbody guitars has something for everyone! Originally pioneered by Leo Fender with the Telecaster and Precision Bass in the early '50s, and followed by Gibson's Les Paul and EB Bass, the evolution of the solidbody has reached new heights in the modern era. A solidbody is great for keeping feedback under control, and is comfortable to hold and easy to play.

Maybe you're ready to try a headless extended range Strandberg with a EndurNeck, or want an elevated S or T type from Tom Anderson or Suhr. Is that top-shelf PRS calling out to you? Does your metal band need a guitar with some attitude? Don't forget about ESP, Caparison, EVH, and Dean. And if you need to hold down the low end, our P and J style bass selection is equally as jaw dropping.

The Music Zoo is an authorized dealer for all your favorite brands and our used inventory is packed to the brim! Our solid-bodies are individually photographed and weighed, and undergo a rigorous inspection by our team of technicians, so you can be sure that maple top you just fell in love with will look the same when it arrives at your doorstep, and the guitar will be ready to play right out of the case. Make your next solidbody purchase online at The Music Zoo, or visit our New York showroom to shop today.