Most Ramones fans will associate their music with Marshall stacks, Fender P-Basses and Mosrite guitars – but in the late 1970s up until the early 80s, Hamer approached Johnny Ramone to become an endorsee: making Hamer the first gear company endorsed by any of the Ramones…Johnny’s Mosrites were purchased from music stores on Manhattans 48th Street.

This Rock n’ Roll Relics Thunders model is a tribute to one of the original Hamers designed for Ramone, with a worn-in white finish over a super lightweight mahogany body, a medium-profile mahogany neck, Mojotone pickups, and a tune-o-matic bridge as opposed to the originals string-through-body bridge.

The unique sound of the guitar is from the single-coil bridge pickup – which you wouldn’t think fits into a Punk guitar tone, until you let it rip with some downstrokes and hear that Buzzsaw rip. Combined with the humbucker in the neck is a meaty rhythm sound that adds more bottom end to the sharp single-coil.

The original Hamer sold at 2016 for a collectors price – but we are super happy to have this guitar be built by the excellent people at Rock n’ Roll Relics.

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