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The Music Zoo is an authorized repair center for Fender, Gibson and Taylor guitars, and we specialize in professional setups, pickup swaps, electronic repairs and refrets.  We also cover more unfortunate issues such as headstock breaks and humidity cracks.  Each case is different and every instrument will need to be evaluated in person to determine the extent of the work needed.  Our rates are competitive and our work is always professional! We are located on Long Island just minutes outside of New York City.  We also ship worldwide and accept work from all over the country. Contact our repair department today if you have general questions on basic setup pricing, options, or to discuss your issue:


Meet Our Tech


Guitartech Pete

Guitartech Pete has been a professional tech in and around  New York City since 1999, and he has become known for his attention to detail, extensive knowledge of guitars, and his one on one approach with his clients. He specializes in amazing customized setups, beautifully hand carved nuts and saddles, as well as custom electronic repairs, mods, and troubleshooting. Generally if something goes wrong, he can get down to the bottom of it and fix it. Also, being very proficient in structural repairs such as top cracks, headstock breaks, bridge resets and fretwork, Pete has revived numerous guitars which have required such attention. He stands behind his work 100% and is not satisfied until his clients are. His years of experience has taught him how to bring the best out of any instrument he touches. He believes in educating his customers, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Besides working on your guitars, and maintaining the inventory here at The Zoo, he has also worked with some very well known artists that include Steve Vai, Nile Rodgers, McFly, Biohazard, Type O Negative, Glassjaw and Bayside.


"Pete's worked on my guitars and teched some gigs for me. He's a reliable professional and whenever he handed me a guitar I knew it would be in tune and feel great."   - Steve Vai


"After the headstock broke off my favorite Les Paul Classic for the second time, I thought it might be over for it.  I met Pete and gave him the guitar about 10 days before our next show, and had it back with time to spare. I couldn't believe the end result.  Beautiful job and a great guy. " - Jack O'Shea, Bayside

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