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Eddie Van Halen and the EVH Brand are a major part of The Music Zoo, and can be seen at every corner of the store. Our respect and admiration for his talent and career is very prevalent as we seek to share that with our customers. In hopes of exposing the glory of his career, we have a number of EVH inspired displays throughout the store. Walk up the stairs to our upper level and you are greeted with a larger-than-life photo of EVH jumping on stage. Get to the top of the staircase, and you’ll find one of his infamous “Frankenstein” guitars nested within a gas-station-type display, along with a number of photos and magazine article of Eddie Van Halen with friends. Lastly, a room filled with EVH guitars, amps and pedals to play ends you’re journey through the corridor of our upper-level. If you’re an enthusiast of the EVH legacy, or just a fan of the guitars and music, feel free to come by the store. Everyone is welcome! Be sure to have a look at our entire stock of EVH guitars on our site as well!

A lively 7 foot tall photo of Eddie Van Halen greets you on your way upstairs

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One of EVH’s Frankenstein Guitars

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 Our EVH Room filled with a ton of EVH Gear

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