With all of the commotion around this year’s Super Bowl, it was nice to take a break from all of the drama and catch a glimpse of Lenny Kravitz playing a few licks. Best of all, he played them on a Gibson Les Paul; the first of the Black over Flame Top series to be precise.

From Gibson-

So what is this guitar based on? Well, the story goes that once upon a time – a time called 1959 – a guitarist wanted a ‘Black Beauty’ Les Paul but he couldn’t stump up quite enough cash. So instead he had a 1959 Les Paul Standard painted black by Gibson. On close inspection the subtlest hints of the flamed maple underneath the black are visible. Mr. Joe Bonamassa has toured with this particular guitar. And now Lenny Kravitz has rocked the Superbowl with a replica of it.

We can’t wait to see these guitars from, but in the meantime we’ll have fun with the goodies from Gibson Custom Shop we have in stock! Check them out here!


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