NAMM2015 We ran into the guys from Big Ear at this year’s NAMM, and fell in love with their boutique-style pedal lineup. Based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, BIG EAR n.y.c. is a modern boutique company that specializes in the production of high-end electronic audio processors. From their modern theme, to the variety of pedal-types available, we couldn’t get enough of what they had to offer. Scroll below to see what Big Ear is cookin!

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The simple three knob layout allows you to easily dial in the perfect setting, on every guitar, without having to twist knobs for an hour! With interactive volume and tone control, every setting is as musical as the next. On top of that, it cleans up beautifully and reacts to your dynamics much like a classic tube amp.





CHAKA is THE octave fuzz. Of course, with the octave effect on its own footswitch, he can also be one of the meanest stand-alone fuzz pedals you’ve ever heard. And don’t worry about that classic “I lost all my low end” problem. That won’t happen with CHAKA.Features hand-matched germanium diodes (on the octave side), NOS metal can transistors and LED clipping!





Utilizing an all analog signal path, this digital delay provides you with 50ms to 550ms of delay time. The repeats are voiced to sound as analog as possible, with a tape-like decay and an ever-so-slight modulation. If you’re looking for a simple delay with tons of mojo, this is it!





FRANK is an LED based, low-gain boost/overdrive utilizing a Burr Brown op-amp to achieve a saturated amplifier-like drive without over-coloring your tone. With the Gain knob on its lowest setting, FRANK can be used as a gorgeous and sparkly clean boost. Turn the gain a little past noon and FRANK will start to push your amp into a very natural and pleasant sounding breakup! An internal “Body” trip pot allows you to tailor the voicing of the drive to fit with whatever amp and guitar combo you may be using. We have it set somewhere in the middle when we ship it out!


Wood Cutter



Based on a specific set of distortion pedals, the WOODCUTTER is our homage to a certain 308-loaded Kalamazoo classic. This modern take is sure to keep the legacy alive! We reverse engineered (BIG EAR n.y.c. owner) Grant Wilson’s personal 1988 “woodcutter” in order to bring its unique and magical sound to you. After owning and playing a dozen or more, we can tell you that this one pedal in particular is the holy grail of distortion pedals. We know that you’ll love the recreation we’ve made!


Buff Daddy



Sometime you feel like a buffer, sometimes you don’t! BUFF DADDY is always there when you need him.


More More More



Three boosts in one box?! That’s right.. For when “More” isn’t enough and “More, More” still isn’t cutting it! Use the three channels indepedently or stacked for up to seven total combinations of boost. A volume drop can also be dialed in, for when you want to pull back in the mix!


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