It's not everyday that you get the opportunity to peruse a load of supercars, immerse yourself in plush Italian-leather, and grip the steering wheels of some of the most finely crafted motor vehicles on the planet...but when we do, we grab some cool guitars and start snapping photos! Scroll below to view our most exciting "Cars & Guitars" content yet! Thank you very much to Ferrari-Maserati of Long Island for hosting us and giving us the opportunity to photograph these gorgeous cars paired with our musical instruments.


First up was a muscle-y Ferrari FF hatchback. With a front-mounted engine, this model is known for it's storage space in the rear (uncommon in a Ferrari), so we put it to the test by loading an EVH 5150III LBXII Lunchbox head and cab, along with a Black & White EVH-Signed & Toured Charvel Art Series model to complete the trifecta. 


We also spotted a very red 575 Maranello, sporting a slick set of 5-spoke 3-piece wheels! This made for a nice backdrop to the 5150III as well!


We decided that the next car we saw deserved something classy, sophisticated, and curvaceous alongside it, so we brought out the Pagelli Massari (A hand-crafted Swiss archtop for those unfamiliar). This was to be paired with a Ferrari Convertible; namely a California. They looked so good together we brought in a model to add the finishing touch!


We felt the red paint on this Ferrari 458 Spyder complimented the accents on the red accents on this McPherson Touring Carbon Fiber Acoustic-Electric perfectly!


Next, we were lead to what would become our favorite shot of the visit. We ventured across the floor to find a Ferrari 360 Challenge (noted by its white, green, and red stripe down the middle), and we instantly knew what we'd paired with it. We headed back to our stash of guitars to retrieve our sparkle silver Gibson Custom Futura. It doesn't take long to see why this ended up being one of our favorite shots, just have a look!


For fans of the modern-look, we even brought out a .strandberg* Varberg, setting it in the beautiful interior of a Maserati Gran Turismo.


Lastly, a gorgeous Mayones Setius "Misha Mansoor Spec" model paired with the sultry caramel seats of a Ferrari F430!


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