ESP 2014

We’re excited for some of the new offerings from ESP that we’ll be seeing this year in 2014.  As one of the nation’s leading dealers of ESP, The Music Zoo will be stocking some unique guitars and product lines you won’t find just anywhere.  Like what?  The new USA series from ESP in particular.  We feel this is a big deal.  These are high-quality Eclipse, Horizon, and M-III models that are built in a brand-new North Hollywood factory.  They look beautiful and feel amazing.  We also can’t wait to get our hands on the flagship new Original series guitars from ESP.  These are a mix of body styles old and new, some new signature stuff, all built in Japan and they represent the top of ESP’s game.  ESP calls these “The Finest Production Guitar In The World“.  Finally, the E-II line slots in just below the Original series to bring the time tested Japan-made guitars to a slightly more affordable price point.

All three lines have some seriously attractive features, depending on your budget and needs.  Contact our sales team at to pre-order any of these guitars and get information about arrival times.

2014 esp

ESP USA Series: American Made ESP Quality  In ESPs words, “2014 marks a huge milestone for ESP with the launch of our first United States factory. Located in North Hollywood CA, our new facility allows us to create instruments that continue ESP’s tradition of excellence in guitar building. The premier quality and craftmanship that ESP is known for will now be available as 100% made in the USA. ESP USA Series instruments will be available through a select group of ESP dealers.”

2014 esp

ESP Original Series: The Finest Production Guitar in the World In ESPs words, “This year, weʼve added a new series of instruments called ESP Original. They also come from our ESP factory in Japan, and consist of a number of brand new designs along with some classic ESP shapes, representing our highest level of quality in a production instrument.”

2014 esp

ESP E-II Series: The New Standard  In ESPs words, “Made in our Japan factory, ESP E-II offers the level of quality youʼve come to know from our standard ESP guitars and basses, with high-quality workmanship and professional components. The ESP E-II Series includes some of the new designs appearing in the ESP Original Series, plus some classic ESP models, for a slightly more affordable price than the Originals.”

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