“Hot for Teacher” and “Dance the Night Away”; these are just a few of the tasty riffs that Eddie Van Halen let rip during a recent demo video for his new 5150IIIS. To showcase this new amp, the folks at EVH Gear strapped a few GoPros to the legends guitar as Eddie got to shredding. It’s not every day that you get to see the man’s hands in action!

While testing out the gear, Van Halen also showcases the subtle differences between the 5150IIIS and its predecessor the 5150III. The latest version of the amp head was born out of the guitarist’s desire to have a little “more gas in the tank” before his band’s 2012 tour. With his EVH Fender team, he saw his suggested circuit modification’s come to life in what he calls a “turbo-charged” version of the original amp head. (rollingstone.com) Read more info and get the full spec list for this amp on our site by clicking here!

Recently, Van Halen was honored by the Smithsonian as part of their “What it means to be an American” program, recognizing his journey from Dutch immigrant to guitar god. When not discussing his personal journey, the musician spoke about the ways he has helped reinvent how guitars have been both built and played.

That same night, Van Halen revealed to Rolling Stone that his band currently has no plans to tour or record new music. “I’d love to make a studio record,” he said.”Depends on everybody’s timing. I don’t know what Dave [Lee Roth] is up to now. I don’t know if he’s living in New York or Japan or wherever he is.”

The band is about to release a new record, however: its first-ever live album with Roth at the helm, Tokyo Dome Live In Concert. Taped in June 2013 at a show in Japan, it will be available on March 31st as two CDs, a four-LP set on 180-gram vinyl and via digital outlets. (rollingstone.com)

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