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The original Electro-Harmonix CLOCKWORKS Rhythm Generator/Synthesizer circa 1978 has become a cult-classic among vintage gear coniosseurs as well as guitar geeks. What many seem to love about the CLOCKWORKS is that it can be used as a master clock for sequencers and drum machines, and to trigger electronic percussion. It doesn’t create sound on its own, but generates pulses to trigger other devices and can set the tempo for a drum machine or sequencer like EHX’s 8 Step Program. Its four separate clock channels (driven from the same master clock) can connect up to four devices so creating polyrhythms is super-easy.

EHX Founder and President, Mike Matthews, instructed his engineers to create a faithful reissue of the classic pedal, but in a modern die-cast package. This powerhouse pedal is set to be available from us very soon. Be sure to contact our sales staff for more info or details on pre-ordering this pedal! Below, we’ve included a spec-list as well as pictures of the original pedal from the 70’s (bottom) and the new reissue (top).

– Works as a master clock for sequencers and drum machines
– Generates pulses to trigger devices like electronic percussion products
– Connect up to four devices to the four separate clock channels driven from one master clock.
– Master clock can be generated internally by the Clockworks or come from an outside source
– Fully analog
– Supplied with an EHX 18VDC/500mA AC Adapter


New Re-issue Model:

clockworks rhythm generator pedal


Original 1970’s Model:

clockworks rhythm generator pedal

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