Guitar World Epiphone Gold Award Main

The Min-ETune and Pro-1 have been a great success for Epiphone, and recently Guitar World has brought these guitars even more attention by awarding them with their Gold Award this year. Here’s an excerpt of what Guitar World had to say about the MinE-tune:

“Without the Min-ETune system, the Les Paul Classic-T would be an impressive bargain, but with it the guitar is an absolute steal. It is, first and foremost, an awesome Les Paul guitar, offering classic warm, fat, well-defined tones and killer playability. The tuning system uses the same technology that until recently was only available on guitars costing several thousand dollars. Min-ETune is exceptionally easy to use.”

You can check out more on this story on Epiphone’s website. Also, be sure to have a look at the Epiphone guitars including the Min-Etune guitars we have in stock right here on our site!

Watch the Guitar World Video below demoing the Epiphone Pro-1 and Les Paul Classic-T!

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