Imagine having a guitar in your hands set up with dual humbuckers then without putting the guitar down, have a true Strat configuration at your disposal.  Then imagine being able to start hot rodding combinations of pickups between those two and anything else you can think of – the outer bridge single coil with the outer neck single coil, the neck humbucker with the middle single coil out of phase, you get the idea.  This is reality when you’re holding the Gamechanger from Ernie Ball.

This guitar can electronically create over 8,000,000 combinations of analog signal path to create any combination of pickups and phase imaginable.  The volume pot doubles as the save button when you are connected to your computer via USB and designing never-before-heard tone combinations.  No modeling involved, this is all real analog guitar sound happening with zero latency switching from one combination to the next.  We love that Music Man decided to build this into a user friendly package and used the solid and no bullshit Reflex model as the foundation.  It would be easy to try to make a guitar this advanced look like it’s from the 25th century but they kept it real in the aesthetic department and we wouldn’t be embarassed at all to be seen with it.  We can’t wait to get our hands on one and start designing new sounds, like they were doing in the NAMM 2011 booth:


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