Metal guitarist, EVAN, gives a brief demonstration of the ENGL Fireball 100 amplifier head. ENGL is notorious for making amps that tear the paint off the walls with an awesome tone, in the Fireball is no exception! Compared to the E 625 60 Watts version, the E635 Fireball 100 gives a darker tone that is super articulate. The amp features a midrange boost (which can be controlled via footswitch) plus a bottom switch will add that extra punch needed to make the pit swarm. Well dressed gain structures allow any sounds from crystal clear, cripsy crunch, fat Rock rhythm or Heavy Metal riffs to searing lead lines. With 100 Watts of pure 6L6GC power amp fury, the Fireball 100 delivers more punch than ever before and satisfies the needs of the modern guitar player – even on the biggest stages. The Fireball 100 is available right here on our site! Check it out!

engl-fireball-100-e635 engl-fireball-100-e635_01xl


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