Update!  The SL2H-V is in stock now.  View our inventory of Jackson Custom Shop SL2H-V Soloists

The Jackson SL2H is legendary.  This is the #1 Jackson guitar and it has a legion of shredding owners who would lay down their lives for their axe.  Ok maybe that’s a bit of hyperbole, but we really love the SL2H and are thrilled to announce a new Music Zoo custom run that is about to drop in conjunction with Jackson Custom Shop.  The SL2H-V is our take on an SL2H decked out with vintage features like a smaller headstock, the original “hand painted” logo, non recessed Floyd, and brass strap buttons.  Also the controls have been moved slightly for enhanced playability.  Check out the video of Masterbuilder Mike Shannon describing these bad boys from NAMM 2012.  We expect to start seeing these showing up at The Music Zoo within the week!

Here’s Jackson’s Kurt Walton holding one of the first SL2H-Vs.  (note: this one doesn’t have the brass strap pins, but future guitars will)


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