Fender Rumble Studio 40

The next evolution of the Fender Rumble Series bass amps have arrived, and they will be available at The Music Zoo! The new Rumble Studio 40 and Rumble Stage 800 pack even more cutting edge technology and smooth fat tones inside a lightweight and spine-friendly package.

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Rumble Studio 40 

The new Rumble Studio 40 model is a 40 watt, wifi equipped and tech-infused bass combo, perfect for practicing or refining your tone. It uses Fender's GT engine to provide 15 amp models and 40 effects for ultimate tweak-ability, especially when paired with the ToneApp phone application. The 10" speaker inside assures you get accurate frequency production over the entire bass spectrum!

Fender Rumble Studio 40 2

Rumble Stage 800

The Rumble Stage 800 uses the same technology as the new Rumble Studio, yet in an impressive 800 watt package with two 10" speakers - and still weighs only about 35 pounds. The powerful wifi connectivity allows you to instantly download firmware updates, special artist model settings, and much more!

Fender Rumble Stage 800


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