Fender Jazz Tele Surf Green

Coming soon is the latest offering in the Fender Parallel Universe series - the Jazz-Tele! Another guitar that matches it's moniker perfectly, this piece is a hybrid of a Jazzmaster and a Tele, combining 2 iconic Fender guitars to create a well-loved, not red-headed, step-child.

The Jazz Tele starts with the classic Telecaster body shape, but transfers to another rail soon after. It boasts an authentic Jazzmaster tremolo to add extra expression, a set of Pure Vintage '65 Jazzmaster pickups, and even a bound rosewood fingerboard like some of the more desirable '60s Jazzy examples. Plus, the new Mustang bridge is a welcome upgrade.

The Jazz Tele will be available in both Two Color Sunburst and Surf Green - and you can pre-order either right now on our website! Check them out by clicking below.


Pre-Order Surf Green

Fender Jazz Tele Surf Green

Pre-Order Two Color Sunburst

Fender Jazz Tele 2 Color Sunburst


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