Not only do Friedman Amplifiers build incredible amplifiers meant for the die-hard tube amp crowd, they have also started to recognize the popularity of the high-tech Fractal Audio Axe-FX IIKemper Profiler amp, and many other models which are quickly becoming an industry standard for guitarists and studios who need the widest range of tones available at their fingertips – without lugging around ten different amplifiers on long tours. While the modelers are indeed amazing, they’re often plugged straight into PA systems, and guitar players can lose the feeling of air being pushed on stage from their cabinets. This is where the Friedman ASM-12 comes in. The ASM-12 is a 500 watt powered speaker designed to deliver rich authentic tones, allowing you get the most out of these systems in live use and playback applications.

From Friedman:

The ASM-12 features a Celestion 12″ loudspeaker with a 2.5″ edge wound voce coil and a premium Celestion high frequency compression driver. At the heart of the ASM-12 is a robust 500w Bi-Amp Class-G amplifier that is anything but digital. This proprietary amplifier design delivers rich, full tone and a wide frequency response making it suited for backline, stage monitoring or even as your main PA speaker.

Key features include: Bi-Amp power module with high efficiency Class G low frequency amplification with a high current output stage and custom signal processing; clip/limit, thermal, and short circuit protection; line level output for linking multiple speakers ; optimized acoustic designs using a PETP film compression driver diaphragm; heat vented low frequency drivers; and a hand crafted in the USA, sturdy Baltic birch construction. Controls include level knob, low-cut filter switch, ground lift and power switches. The ASM-12 was designed to operate on the floor as a stage monitor or to be pole mounted on a 1 1/2″ diameter speaker stand.

Contact our sales team for any inquiries about getting your hands on an ASM-12 for your modeler setup!

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