There are a load of super-cool models coming out of the Gibson Custom Shop as a part of their 2017 Limited Run release! From their new “Painted-Over” Les Paul Standards, to their all-new Modern Double-Cut guitar, there is no shortage of refreshing gear from the iconic guitar-manufacturer. Scroll below to see the entire list of models being offered from Gibson Custom! See something you like? Get in touch with us for more info and to get yours on order right now!

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Explorer Custom

For this very limited run, Gibson Custom takes the bold profile of the Explorer into new aesthetic and sonic territory compliments of a Custom-inspired set of appointments. It’s an upscale look on an electrifying shape which brings with it Gibson’s signature playability, instantly-recognizable voice and Gibson Custom’s unwavering commitment to craft.


Firebird Custom

The 2017 Firebird Custom retains the signature streamlined shape that makes it one of Gibson’s most visually enticing guitars while adding modern features for more tonal “umph.” Its matched 490/498 pickup set and solid mahogany body deliver a punchy, clarity of voice that easily turns aggressive based on the player’s level of attack. It all adds up to a very expressive guitar adorned in Gibson’s elegant Custom appointments and available in limited quantity.


Flying V Custom

The Flying V Custom adds the classic, refined and upscale Custom looks to one of Gibson’s most legendary designs. The pointed, unorthodox lines of the “V” have always been magnetizing to the more daring guitar players among us – a visual statement with uncompromised Gibson tone. This rare edition adds a new layer of boldness to an already outspoken guitar.


Les Paul Custom

The 2017 Les Paul Custom effortlessly lives up to the high standards set by its 1950s archetype while evolving to a level of tone and performance more suited to today’s musical demands. Beneath the layers of its “tuxedo” appointments lies the crisp, edgy voice of a matched 490/498 humbucker set, a long neck tenon for maximum sustain and a two-piece maple top over a solid mahogany body that adds the perfect amount of bite to everything from jazz to hard rock.


Les Paul Standard Painted Over

The 2017 Les Paul Standard “Paint-Over” Series blends the minute details, iconic look, and seminal feel of Gibson’s most inspiring solid body guitar with a refreshingly defiant, roughed-up and weathered aesthetic that’s been hand-crafted to make each guitar its own one-of-a-kind work of art.


Les Paul Standard Painted Over (White over Cherry Burst)


Les Paul Standard Painted Over (Kerry Green Over Cherry Burst)


Les Paul Standard Painted Over (Black Over Cherry Burst)


Modern Double Cut Figured

The Modern Double Cut Standard from Gibson Custom combines new thinking and proven design in one beautifully crafted guitar. Features include a first-of-its-kind swept neck heel that allows easy access to all 24 frets, an extra-long neck tenon to maximize sustain, a sleek new Apex headstock carve for strength and durability and a perfectly-balanced, contoured double-cutaway profile. All of this adds up to a bold new Gibson Custom instrument destined to become a player favorite.


Modern Double Cut Gold


Modern Double Cut Green


Modern Double Cut Red


Modern Double Cut Sunburst


Modern Double Cut Black


SG Custom

The 2017 SG Custom retains all the fast-playing, devilish charm of an SG refreshed with iconic Custom aesthetics. Its two powerful humbuckers are a first, while its slick, ebony nitrocellulose finish and multi-ply appointments combine pure rock and roll with pure class.

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