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“Nicky” is another awesome piece to roll in as a part of Gibson Custom’s “Collector’s Choice” line. For those who don’t know, the Collector’s Choice series comes straight from the Gibson Custom Shop, where Gibson takes a great vintage guitar—whether it be celebrity owned or a rare, all-original piece—and through the marvels of modern technology, create a limited run of a near-exact recreation of that instrument. Read what Gibson has to say about Collector’s Choice #24 aka “Nicky”.

from Gibson-

One of two of the first Collector’s Choice guitars to be introduced with a fanatical attention to detail by way of Gibson Custom’s True Historic specifications, Collector’s Choice #24, 1959 Les Paul #9-1945 aka “Nicky” is as true to the original as one can come without being Charles Daughtry, “Nicky’s” proud owner and the generous collector who worked with Gibson Custom side by side to recreate her to near perfection.  When we presented Charles with the prototype, he simply replied with “Oh my God….you guys nailed it!”

“Nicky’s” tone is both rich and brilliant with exceptional balance via two Custom Bucker pickups based on analysis of the originals, generously provided to Gibson Custom by Charles.  As with all Collector’s Choice guitars by Gibson Custom, “Nicky’s” details were photographed, digitally scanned and documented by the Engineers and Craftspeople of Gibson Custom, which shows in every nuance of tone, feel and beauty captured in the recreation of this absolutely stunning example of an original 1959 ‘Burst. Have a look at the specs below!

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