Introducing Collectors Choice #45 1959 Les Paul True Historic, aka “Danger ‘Burst”, original serial #9 0676.  For those who don’t know, the Collector’s Choice series comes straight from the Gibson Custom Shop, where Gibson takes a great vintage guitar—whether it be celebrity owned or a rare, all-original piece—and through the marvels of modern technology, create a limited run of a near-exact recreation of that instrument.

Collector’s Choice #45 is near the top of some of the most visually amazing Collector’s Choice Les Pauls Gibson has released.  It features a wide, ribbony and consistent flame with a lot of movement, a Lemonburst fade with just a little Caramel, and the wear of a much-played guitar, but one that is not ‘worn out’.  The original guitar, serial #9 0676, made its way to Europe almost immediately after shipping from Kalamazoo in 1959, remaining there for 40 years, until it was then acquired by its current owner in the USA.

“Danger ‘Burst” is still in active use as the owner’s main guitar for stage performance.  Its tone is unique, with atypical balance between the neck and bridge pickups which results in a very firm middle, clear highs, and an aggressive bottom end.  Gibson Custom worked closely with the current owner of the original guitar, paying special attention to the tone as we found its voice to be utterly sweet and unique to this guitar. The neck is a classic late ’59 profile with a good amount of “beef” crafted from a single piece of mahogany.

As with other CC models with great tops, the “Danger ‘Burst” will be offered up to a maximum of 300 units but will likely be more limited due to the challenge of sourcing its very specific maple top. View the full specs on this new CC#45 model below!

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CC#45 Danger Burst

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