We're excited to announce Gibson Custom Shop's July Limited Run Release #7! Scroll below to get a closer look at all of the new models as well as the new features they have to offer! Ensure you get yours by pre-ordering today! Click the link below or call/email us at 516-626-9292 // sales@themusiczoo.com

First up we have the 60th Anniversary '57 Goldtop Les Paul - The ‘57 Goldtop celebrates its 60th birthday this year, and Custom is celebrating with six beautiful Diamond Anniversary models in limited quantities of just 60 each. They feature vintage-accurate gold paint, the latest historic replica appointments, hide glue construc- tion and Custombucker pickups which reproduce the tone of first-year ‘Patent Applied For’ humbuckers -- one of the main reasons the ‘57 Goldtop became so revered in the first place. The Pearl Gold model takes the goldtop theme to new heights with a fine pearlescent sparkle added to the gold powder and a celebratory real diamond inlay the headstock logo. Each guitar is equipped with a special 60th Anniversary truss rod cover and backplate.

Antique Gold Gloss - CSLPSTDPSL11121

 Antique Gold VOS - CSLPSTDPSL11120

Antique Gold Dark Back VOS - CSLPSTDPSL11219

Antique Gold Heavy Aged - CSLPSTDPSL11218

 All Gold - CSLPSTDPSL11077

 Pearl Gold - CSLPSTDPSL11078

Les Paul Standard Figured Top Tom Murphy Painted & Aged - For as long as Gibson Custom Shop has been making reproductions of vintage sunburst Les Paul Standard guitars, Tom Murphy has been perfecting the craft of capturing the magic and vibe of the originals. From his distinctive sunburst finishes to his elaborately detailed aging process, Tom considers his creations to be playable works of art, providing owners with the vintage experience without the six-figure price of an original. This limited run Murphy Painted & Aged Les Paul Standard captures Tom’s vision of the perfect Les Paul Standard from start to finish. Each guitar features handpicked Murphy woods, a three-dimensional Murphy sunburst finish, extensive Murphy aging, and a special Murphy historic serial number sequence.

Murphy Sunburst - CSLPSTDPSL11089

Burstdriver™ Les Paul Standard Lightly Figured - A Custom Shop Les Paul Standard exhibits the finest in materials, construction and his- torical accuracy, making it one of the best sounding and playing electric guitars on the planet. Additionally, the innovative new Gibson Custom Burstdriver™ provides players built-in sonic expansion capabilities. Essentially a high-end analog overdrive pedal built into the backplate of the guitar, the Burstdriver™ is engaged with a quick tap of the push/push tone knob. A simple twist can transform the dry signal into anything from a fat clean boost to a warm, thick overdrive all the way to a snarling distortion. The effect is entirely true bypass and the level, tone, and gain controls can be adjusted using a guitar pick. The Gibson Custom Burstdriver™ Les Paul Standard is your new secret sonic weapon!


Smoky Quartz VOS - CSLPSTDPSL11086

Havana Fade VOS - CSLPSTDPSL11087

Amber Ale VOS - CSLPSTDPSL11088


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