We are proud to introduce the first of its kind Gibson Custom Shop Made 2 Measure Center right here in The Music Zoo showroom! If you have ever dreamed about custom ordering a Gibson guitar, we are now making it easier than ever to dial in your exact specs. Plus, here at The Music Zoo’s M2M Center you can pick your own figured top from our hand-selected inventory!

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Keep in mind that you can custom order virtually any model that Gibson offers like a Historic Select Les Paul, Standard Historic Les Paul, Junior, Special, CS-336, CS-356, ES-335 or Archtop guitar. Exclusively here at The Music Zoo, you can even choose Roasted Mahogany for your body and neck.  Like a Beauty of the Burst guitar?  We can replicate it! Want a custom color and aging? No problem! The process is easy:

Flip through available figured tops, hand-selected by our team from Gibson’s facility in Nashville.

Made 2 Measure Room (2 of 6)


Choose a neck profile from one of numerous raw neck blank examples.

Made 2 Measure Room (3 of 6)


Select a solid, chambered, or weight relieved body.

Made 2 Measure Room (4 of 6)


Select a finish from numerous color examples provided by Gibson Custom Shop’s paint department.

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Once you have settled on a base model, picked your top, neck and color, our team will assist you in selecting electronics, hardware and aging options.  We’ll FedEx your top to the Custom Shop and they’ll get going on your build! Our Made 2 Measure Center is a great starting point to see what is possible, hash at your ideas with our knowledgeable team and ultimately create the Custom of your dreams! Here’s the available options:

Model List:

Historic Select- (54-60)

Standard Historic- (54-60)

LP Custom (3 Pickup, 2 Pickup, 1 Pickup)

LP Axcess Standard

LP Axcess Custom

Sg Standard

CS 336

CS 356

Flying V Standard

Flying V Custom

59 Mahogany V

58 Mahogany Explorer

L-4 Mahogany


Wes Montgomery


L-5 CT

Super 400


Finish Options: 

Click here to view all available finish options available


Universal Options for most M2M Models:

Dexterity- Right Handed / Left Handed

Tailpiece- Nickel / Gold / Nickel Bigsby / Gold Bigsby / Nickel Maestro / Gold Maestro

Neck Spec (profile)- Regluar Spec / Fatter / Thinner

Finish Options:  Gloss/ VOS / Lightly Aged / Heavily Aged / Murphy Aged (Historic Select ONLY)

Body Weight: Regular Spec / Ultra Light / Chambered

Pickguard: Installed / Uninstalled (included in case)

Tuners: Regular Spec / Grover


Carved top options:

Bracing – Regular / Acoustic

Cutaway- Florentine / Venetian / Non-Cutaway


Music Zoo Select – Exclusive Options:

Roasted Mahogany Back

Roasted Mahogany Neck

Roasted Maple Top


Cannot visit our M2M Center in person?  No problem, just click here to view all available tops in our inventory.  We can get the process in motion via email or over the phone!


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