Introducing the newest division of the Gibson Custom Shop: the Murphy Lab!

For over 25 years, Tom Murphy has been associated with developing some of the best aging techniques for Gibson guitars. His knowledge of vintage Gibsons is applied to his techniques of finish wearing, lacquer checking, and hardware patina that make current reissue guitars appear to be decades older than they are. The Gibson Custom Shop is now working with Tom to create the new Murphy Lab division. Under the Murphy Lab: you'll be able to buy a guitar from within the Murphy Lab Collection, or work with The Music Zoo to design your own Made 2 Measure guitar with aging options from the Murphy Lab Menu.

A Close Look at Murphy Lab Ultra Light Aging

The first level of aging is called "Utra Light". This level utilized only the lightest touch by Murphy Lab aging technicians. A light patina is added to the hardware, and unique lacquer checking patterns are added: it's as if the guitar spent most of its life in the case but weather changes have affected the finish to have checking. This level also features the comfort of extra-rolled fretboard binding edges. 

Murphy Lab Ultra Light Aging Lower Body

Next level up, Murphy Lab Light Aging

Light Aging simulates 50+ years of average play wear. There's more intense lacquer checking patterns, small dings, and pick marks around the guitar with softened edges throughout the body and neck. Imagine a guitar that was played on a few short tours, or gigged semi-regularly.


Creating a road warrior: Murphy Lab Heavy Aging

Heavy Aging is where the guitar will feature significant wear and year of 50+ years of life on the road. Heavy Aged guitars will have buckle rash on the back, bare mahogany showing through where the aniline dye was worn away. There will be near wear and checking patterns throughout the entire guitar!

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