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When it comes to shopping for gifts for your guitar-playing loved one, it can get pretty tough to find just the right thing. Face it, guitar players are picky when it comes to their guitars, amps, and other trinkets. Thankfully, Gibson has organized a list to help us all out! Featuring cool stuff like Gibson’s Memory Cable and high-quality leather guitar straps, the list is full of slick gifts that will ensure you get the right thing this year! Check out the list below and click the links to buy the gift on our site!

1. Gibson Care Kit

Keep your guitar clean and mean with this handy kit. Includes Gibson’s Low Abrasion Metal Cream, Gibson Premier Fretboard Conditioner, Gibson Pump Polish Finishing Cream, three Gibson Polishing Cloths and a 2”-black nylon strap — all in a bucket that can be taken with you anywhere. Check out the kit here!

2. Restoration Kit

2014 may have been tough on your guitar. If you have an old Gibson – or any old guitar – get the Vintage Reissue Guitar Restoration Kit to revive it to former glory.

3. Gibson Luthier’s Choice Triple Pak

For a stocking-filler, go for the Luthier’s Choice Triple Pak. Quality guitar care at a great price.

4. Gibson Barstool

By popular demand, the Gibson barstool will even make your butt rock! You get a 24” aluminum, 4-legged base and a slick black-vinyl swivel top on which you can proudly plant yo’ Gibson ass. $109.99 for the most awesome way to sit down.

5. Gibson Shot Glasses

When on your Gibson barstool, you may desire an “adult beverage.” Sip in style with these shot glasses.

6. Gibson Straps


Go large with Gibson’s Montana strap, crafted from the lushest leather in a great tan finish, perfect in particular for your Gib acoustic. Or simply get a classy woven number that salutes your favorite guitars. All of our Gibson straps are available here!

7. Gibson Stickers

This quality Gibson sticker set is affordable and fun. They work outdoors, too. Stick one on your own carplate to say: “Serious guitar player driving.”

8. Gibson Strings

A player can never have too many guitars. The problem is, we also need lots of strings. The Gibson Brite Wire 5-pack is thinking of y’all. Each pack contains 5 sets with a bonus – 2 extra Bs and 2 extra Es. Or get the steels preferred by Gibson heroes such as Ace Frehley and B.B. King. Tone! Check out all of our Gibson strings here!

9. Gibson Pick Tin

“Dude, where’s my pick?” It’s in a tin. “Gibson does ‘classy’ very well, and this pick tin is another good example of the company’s refined taste.” Not even Gibson’s words, but those of 50 picks in thin, medium, heavy and extra heavy options. Grab a Gibson pick tin and put it in your gigbag/case. Check out our entire selection of Gibson picks here!

10. Gibson Cases

Not even got a gigbag or case? Buy the best here, from padded gigbags to bespoke-designed hardshell cases for your Les Paul or SG. The Gibson gigbag is affordable and classy.

11. New Gibson Knobs

Give your guitar a makeover with new knobs. It’s odd how such a simple change can make any guitar look different, but it will. Buy them here on our site!

12. Cerwin Vega Speakers

Your computer recording set-up needs good speakers. Indulge yourself – sorry, your friend – in these Cerwin Vega XD3 Powered Desktop Speakers. All the bass and power your PC needs.

13. KRK Headphones

You’ll need good headphones too. KRK have engineered these KNS 6400 ‘phones for more of the “open” sound of a pair of monitors and less of the unnatural “closeness” that often clouds the judgement of engineers mixing on headphones.

14. New P’ups For Your Guitar!

Experiment with your Gibson guitar tone in 2015. Classic ’57 humbuckers are back in vogue, but there’s plenty of other choice on our site!

15. Quick Connect Humbuckers

Still a great idea! If your Gibson electric is Quick Connect-enabled, you can swap pickups super-quick. Six options, from ‘57s to Angus Young-signatures to roaring Dirty Fingers ‘buckers. Rock the halls – you just got more tone options. Check out the Quick Connect we have in stock here!

16. Gibson Apparel

From beanies to t-shirts to hoodies, Gibson will keep you rockin’ with style. Check out our cool Gibson threads here!

17. Gibson Phone App

Rejoice. It’s Gibson’s gift to you. Get the Gibson App for Android and iOS phone platforms, with tuner, metronome, chords, lessons and more. It’s free!

18. Gibson Firebird X Bag

If you own a Firebird X, keep all your X bits neat in this stylish bag. Hey, keep anything in this stylish bag.

19. Gibson Cables

Many a pro guitarist will tell you that quality cables are key to your tone chain. Gibson’s own cables are top quality yet superb value. Plenty of length and color choices, too.

20. Gibson Memory Cable

Now we’re talking a cable! Never lose that “lightning bolt” of inspiration again. Designed by Gibson Brands’ company Tascam, the Gibson Memory Cable will store a huge 13 hours of your ideas. Inspiration insurance? Yep.

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