tak double cut

To say that Tak Matsumoto is “huge in Japan” would be an understatement.  Tak is basically Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, Slash, and Steve Vai rolled up into one far Eastern megastar.  He’s a monster player, buds with basically every living guitar hero, is the first Asian on the Walk Of Fame in Hollywood, and has sold…. get ready… 80 million records.  He’s had his own line of Gibson signature guitars for years now, but few of them have ever made it over to the states.  Well, Gibson Custom is going to change that with the arrival of the Tak Matsumoto Custom Double Cut.  This Ebony-finished beauty has maple/mahogany construction, a classy double cut body, and Alnico 5 and 3 pickups.  Supplies will be very limited.

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tak double cut 2

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