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2015! Has a nice ring, doesn’t it? Yes, we’re approaching a new year, and a new year means awesome  new additions to Gibson’s great roster of guitars and basses. And now, finding the guitar that’s right for you will be especially easy thanks to a 4C grading system that takes its cue from the system used for grading diamonds and thus enabling a good/better/best  system for choosing the right guitar for your needs and situation.

As an example of how one might use this useful new tool, one particular guitarist might be looking for an instrument with a transparent maple top of exceptional beauty. A grade of AAAA or AAA would reflect maple with this kind of detail and visual beauty. Yet another player might not require such cosmetic detail and need less ornate maple with a B or B+ grading. The end result will nonetheless be a great guitar. This process will be used for fretboards (evaluating darkness of color and grain), mahogany bodies (evaluating weight, grain detail, and grain clarity), and other factors that include hardware, top contour, and hardware.

There will also be some across-the-board manufacturing changes for the entire line. This includes

  • A new brass zero-fret nut that will raise and lower, allowing for adjustable action
  • Wider necks and fretboard (.050” per side) for increased playing comfort
  • Smoother sanded and buffered fretboards with a new oil treatment
  • A new Tune-o-Matic bridge with hex wrench-adjustable height via the thumbscrews
  • A thicker one-piece rosewood fretboard
  • A removable pickguard on Les Paul guitars that doesn’t use screws
  • Mother-of-Pearl Inlays
  • Cryogenically treated fretwire that’s 27-percent lower
  • A setup and intonation before shipment
  • An  improved output jack for an uninterrupted signal
  • Les Paul and SG guitars with a “Les Paul 100” headstock logo to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Les’s birth

Some great new additions to Gibson’s guitar line in 2015 include:


  • A fantastic single-cut Les Paul Junior  with a vintage look and sound but with details such as aSlimTaperneck profile,
    a compensated “lightning bolt wrap-around bridge, a dog-ear P-90ST single-coil pickups with Alnico slugs, a choice of three gloss laquer finishes (Cherry, Yellow, and Vintage Sunburst), and black top hat knobs with dial pointers.LPSD15HCSN1_front_HighResolution
  • A double-cut Les Paul Special with features similar to the Junior with the exception of aboundfretboard and two P-90 single-coil pickups (a P-90SR at the neck and a P-90ST at the bridge).LPD15GTNH1_front_HighResolution
  • A reintroduced Les Paul Deluxe with a mix of traditional
    and updated features that include weight relief, coil-splitting via a mini-toggle switch, a mahogany neck with an assymetrical “C” neck profile, new mini-humbucker pickups with Orange Drop capacitors allowing for a 15 dB boost, and four finish choices that include Cherry Sunburst, Pelham Blue, Gold, and Wine Red.


  • A new five-string V bass that will feature a AAA maple top on a chambered mahogany back, a maple neck with rosewood fretboard, active electronics with three-band EQ, and Alnico 5 humbucker pickups with coil-tapping.

And let’s not forget about the great guitars and basses that will be carried over from previous years, such as the LPM model, the Les Paul Studio, the Les Paul Traditional and Standard and Classic, and the Les Paul Less Plus. We almost forgot the stunning semi-hollow Les Paul Supreme. Of course, SGs are well represented with the SG Specials and SG Standards and the gorgeous Derek Trucks SG. Firebirds? For sure! Thunderbird and SG basses?  Are you kidding?

When all’s said and done, 2015 promises to be a wonderful year for getting the Gibson guitar you’ve always wanted. Contact sales@themusiczoo.com to make your guitar dream a reality. While your here, check out the 2015 Gibson USA guitars we have in stock!

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