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A Recreation of Jerrys famed '55 Stratocaster - Only 100 Pieces Masterbuilt by Austin MacNutt!

If you're a fan of the Grateful Dead or just enjoy the folklore around their legendary instruments - your ears will perk up at the release of this guitar from the Fender Custom Shop. Masterbuilder Austin MacNutt has taken on his first recreation project by analyzing Jerry Garcia's 1955 Stratcaster which has been known as 'Alligator'. Gifted to Garcia by Graham Nash to thank him for his musical contributions to Nash's Songs for Beginners record, the Strat became Garcias main instrument for over two years.

Close Up Jerry Garcia Alligator Strat from Fender CUstom Shop


Details and Specs of the Fender Custom Shop Alligator Strat

Every detail of Jerry Garcia's modifications both in specs and aesthetics are matched, from the contours and radii of the one-piece ash body to the hammered brass control plate and the stickers from which the guitar got its nickname! All three pickups are handwound by Josefina Campos as '55-style single coils with 5-way switching, standard 'vintage' Strat wiring and replica 'hat' control knobs. The customized "Blaster" output jack clean boost is even there to really nail the Alligator tone. This is a must-have for the most serious of Grateful Dead collectors!

 Jerry Garcia Alligator Strat Back View

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