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The long-awaited hyper-axe, designed in collaboration with Misha Mansoor, has finally landed at The Zoo! We got a preview of this super-versatile guitar at this year’s NAMM, and we were blown away by the feel and design of the Dinky-inspired instrument. Available in a wide-range of finishes, from Tiger Eye pictured above to a smooth Matte Blue Frost, there are a number of styles available to suit the preference of a broad range of players. The quilt on these models is top-notch, and are accented nicely by the Maple binding. But aside from it looking cool, this thing is a players-guitar. Developed with subtle nuances to ensure maximum performance, the appropriately named Juggernaut features a highly carved horn for upper-fret access, a quartersawn, graphite-reinforced maple neck for stability, a sturdy and reliable Hipshot bridge with locking tuners, and a set of Misha’s own Signature Bare Knuckle Juggernaut pickups. Optimal and convenient placement of the truss rod adjustment will also be a favorite among touring musicians.

Specs really mean nothing if it doesn’t sound the part. Well it isn’t called the Juggernaut for nothing; delivering an even balance of highs, mids, and lows. The Alder body and Maple top offer the perfect template for you to shape your tone through any amp. We plugged the Juggernaut 6 and 7 through a number of different amps, including an ENGL E-635 Fireball 100W, EVH 5150 III 2×12 combo, and a Victory V30. The Juggernaut brought a wealth of ear-pleasing sound before we even dialed in the amps, a testament to the superb qualities of the Bare Knuckles pickups. You can pull back the volume without fear of losing girth in your tone or crank it to 10 without losing clarity. A 5-way switch in combination with a push/pull master tone knob also adds to the already endless tonal possibilities this guitar provides. Oh, and yes of course it djents!

Needless to say, we’re huge fans of the new Jackson Juggernaut HT6 and HT7, and we’re stoked to finally have them in stock. If you are interested in these guitars, you can find them on our site by clicking here!

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The Laguna Burst and Tiger Eye finishes gleam in the protruding light of our showroom.

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The Laguna Burst finish has an undeniable presence in any setting.

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The ocean-like qualities of the Laguna Burst are accented nicely with Maple Binding.

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A deeply carved horn is a generous addition for sweep-pickers looking for unrestricted fret access down the neck.

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The headstock maintains the “pointy-edge” theme on both the 6 and 7 string models.

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The Hipshot-6 bridge is the perfect match for this guitar. Palm-muted chuggs come with ease.

Juggernaut (1 of 2)-2

The Hipshot-6 bridge is the perfect match for this guitar. Palm-muted chuggs come with ease.


A conveniently placed truss-rod adjustment makes adjusting the neck quick and easy.

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Misha’s “Demon-bulb” logo adds the finishing touch on a blue accented hardshell case.


 More of these guitars are on the way! Click here to pre-order and ensure you get one!


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